Download OpenAppMKT Cydia iOS 9.0.2 – 9.0.3 Apps, Siri Tweaks, Games

OpenAppMKT.COM is famous for Siri Apps, Games and especially for Cydia iOS 9.0.2. It is only a source that offers all of these without jailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Air, Mini…

Do you really know What are these Siri Apps, Games and Cydia tweaks? I’m talking about OpenAppMKT stuffs. As per the their blog and my experience, these are web applications. They might be completely different from actual Cydia apps.

If you have interest, I would say, you won’t need to install them on your iOS device or even you won’t need to jailbreak your iOS device. These OpenAppMKT¬†Cydia tweaks are just a bookmark that can be added in your Safari web browser.

If you had thinking to download and install OpenAppMKT Cydia as an alternative to Cydia installer, then I would like to clear your doubt that its not any kind of installer and Open APP MKT won’t allow you to install any jailbreak app or tweak on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Air, Mini.

What is OpenAppMKT?

So, what does Open App MKT offer? Good question. www.OpenAppMKT.COM offers web based apps, games. I have found that it is famous for Cydia tweaks and Siri related stuff. Those Cydia apps are in HTML format and purely web based applications. These web based apps require internet access to run. Popular Stuff

Open App MKT games are too famous. I personally play couple games which have been installed from their app store. OpenAppMKT app store has a large number of games.

It is popular for Siri related stuff too. There is an Siri app that works similar to original Siri. Its best alternative for iPhone 3G and older iDevices that can’t upgrade to iOS 9.0.2 and can’t use original Siri. Thanks to

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