How to Install WhatsApp iOS 9.0.2 iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPod Touch, iPhone

iOS 9.0.2 WhatsApp is a popular messenger app that can be installed on iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch too including iPhone…

WhatsApp iOS 9.0.2 is designed only for iPhone 5S, 5C and other iPhone that runs on iOS 9.0.2. Currently, there isn’t any iPad Air or iPad Mini version available even iPod Touch users also can’t install WhatsApp. But, there are a few tricks that can be used to install and verify your identity on your iPad Air or iPad Mini.

First, I would suggest you to read the article about WhatsApp iPad compatibility that has been published on Cydia Sources. Actually, there are many users on that blog who have confirmed that it works on their iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch with iPhone using iOS 9.0.2.

Suppose, it doesn’t work, then watch a video that I have attacked below that can also help you…

What you need to Install WhatsApp iOS 9.0.2 on iPad Air, iPad Mini

  1. iFunbox
  2. iFile iOS 9.0.2

Quick Tip

I would recommend users to read the comments and participate, if you have similar issues. Its the best idea to get the fix from the users review.