WhatsAPP Plus for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Brings Complete Power to iOS 9.0.2

WhatsAPP Plus for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Brings Complete Power to iOS 9.0.2

WhatsAPP Plus for iPhone, iPad is available now. The new WhatsAPP++ Cydia tweak brings a lot of toggles and features to the stock app. Now you can enjoy full power using this jailbreak tweak.

A popular jailbreak tweak developer “UnlimApps” has pushed another update to WhatsAPP Plus for iOS 9.0.2.

The new version is quite stable and fixes small bugs from the app with couple of more features added to the updated app.

As in previous version, WhatsAPP++¬†latest version also doesn’t have cloning feature at all. The developer, UnlimApps, said that the upcoming update would have WhatsAPP Clone feature.

Now, with the new version of WhatsAPP+, you’re able to hide last seen status, disable read and delivery receipts, change WhatsAPP theme and text color.

As WhatsAPP Plus is completely free Cydia tweak, you can try and install anytime on your iPhone. The iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch is not supported, however, you can try their beta version of WhatsAPP++ from below repo source.


Leave your comment, if you face any trouble or error. If it doesn’t work on your iDevice, lets report it to us and we would deliver it to the developer.


  1. WhatsAPP Plus for iPhone app is just awesome, I installed it on my iPhone and then I installed WhatsAPP. It just powers the default app at high level. I can hide online status, read and typing status and a lot more things.
    I have changed the wallpaper per chat settings.
    WhatsAPP+ for iPhone is the same tweak.

    • Yeah, WhatsAPP Plus for iPhone is just an awesome Cydia tweak. You get all the control of this messenger app in your hand. That’s just available in a small price

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