Top 30 Must Have Cydia Apps for 2015

iOS 9.0.2 jailbreak is out, here we have listed best of the top 30 must have Cydia apps, tweaks and games for iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone and iPod Touch…

If you have jailbreak your iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPod Touch, you should have best tweaks that extend the functionality of your iDevice. We have tried to collect and list up best 30 must have jailbreak tweaks for your iDevice.

Activator: After any jailbreak whether it is iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPhone, I would love to install Activator. Its free and one of the best Cydia apps, I have ever seen. It enables a lot of gestures. Shake and shut down, go to sleep mode or launch any particular app like camera Or stock app. Tap on various arias and do as you like.

Its completely customizable jailbreak tweak that can be used for multipurpose. I personally have been using Activator and I can’t use my iPhone or iPad without Activator. I would recommend all of you to install it first of all apps.

Springtomize: Do you wanna customize the look and user interface? Springtomize is the best app to customize springboard, dockbar, lock screen widgets. I’ll share you one thing. Do you wanna add or remove apps from dock bar to use your own custom tweaks or games? Springtomize allows you to add or remove icons of the apps and allows you to add your own apps on the dock bar.

This was only one shot, you can customize whole iOS device as you like. The good part is, Springtomize works on almost all iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. However, you would have to pay some cents or dollars to purchase it from BigBoss repo source.

Barrel: One more must have Cydia tweak in the list. Barrel is paid Cydia app that allows user to change page scrolling effects. I personally love Barrel, because I love a unique user interface and Barrel is the tweak that allows me to do so. Do you need free alternative to Barrel? Check out next tweak.

Cylinder: Its the best free alternative to Barrel. Cylinder has almost all effects that Barrel has. The different is, Cylinder is free jailbreak app and Barrel is paid. Cylinder can be installed from BigBoss repo source.

AdBlocker: I’m talking about the best Cydia apps and not the tweaks that don’t mean anything. Actually, AdBlocker is free jailbreak app and one of the must have applications. AdBlocker blocks annoying ads while using Google Chrome, Safari or any other apps that shows ads except Cydia.

Winterboard: If you love themes, Winterboard is the Cydia app that allows it’s user to apply different unique themes to your iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch. Winterboard is free jailbreak tweak which is specially design to apply themes. A complete set of wallpapers, icons and various effects.

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Dreamboard: There are two theme installer in jailbreak community. One is Winterboard and second is Dreamboard. It also allows user to use their own unique themes.

CChide: Do you wanna hide some games or apps from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad? CCHide is the Cydia tweak that allows user to hide any particular app or apps. You can unhide all apps just by disabling CCHide.

CyDelete: This jailbreak tweak allows user to delete any Cydia apps from your springboard. Just tap and hold the icon and the delete option will be appear.

MyWi: Do you love WiFi tethering? MyWi is the tweak that allows various WiFi tweaks like tethering. Its paid jailbreak tweak, however, you can get it from HackYouriPhone Repo Source.

PKGBackup: It is one of the best jailbreak apps. PKGBackup allows user to save SHSH blobs, documents, installed apps, contacts and many more.

AirBlue Sharing: Default bluetooth app doesn’t allow iPhone, iPad user to share music, video or photos with other devices except iDevices. Suppose, you have iPad Air and a Samsung smartphone, you can’t share files between these devices using default Bluetooth app, but if you have installed AirBlue Sharing 7, you can share music, videos and photos without any issue.

BiteSMS: I love this tweak, it allows quick reply, compose and send SMS. BiteSMS is must have tweak for them who always use SMS to connect their friends.

Bigify: I installed Bigify during my first jailbreak and still I have been using it without any complain. Bigify allows user to smaller and bigger springboard icons. Do you wanna remove labels? You can do that.


  1. i m having some problem with the airblu sharing in my iphone 5 i.o.s 9.0.3. when i install the app some error occured everytime and couldnt connect with the other devices..

    • AirBlue sharing is wonderful Cydia tweak to send even big files over WiFi or Bluetooth. Transmission rate is too high. You can surely go for AirBlue Sharing or iFile Cydia tweak for that

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