3 Best WiFi Tethering Cydia Apps for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini

These are the top jailbreak apps for WiFi tethering available on Cydia app store for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone, 3 best tweaks for ever…

If you have jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, the WiFi tethering is the most famous benefit for you available on your iDevice. There are many advanced and useful WiFi tweaks available on Cydia store to tether or hack WiFi.

While these WiFi apps help you to make personal hotspot and share your internet connection within a few iDevices. Sometimes, WiFi tweaks help you to run other apps like FaceTime using 3G without WiFi.

Today, We’ll share the best 3 Cydia apps for WiFi which would help you to improve WiFi signals, tethering and to get free WiFi internet connectivity. Closely look these top 3 WiFi Apps…

MyWi: The one and the best WiFi tethering app available on jailbreak store. Its paid app that costs you $19.99, but if you don’t wanna pay anything to get this best WiFi app, you can add HYI or BYA repo source to get this WiFi app free or cost. Do you wanna use your laptop or computer with your iPhone WiFi? Create a personal hotspot and share your WiFi connection with your laptop or computer using MyWi tethering app.

My3G: You don’t have WiFi connection and still wanna use FaceTime, Skype and such other apps with WiFi? My3G allows you to use your 3G internet connection on FaceTime, Skype and other apps without WiFi. It would cost you $3.99 from BigBoss repo source. However, you can get it free from BYA repo source.

MyWi: Get Cracked Version & Free WiFi

3G Unrestrictor 2: Its one of the best free WiFi app to use 3G connection within Apple apps. It works whether you have iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPod Touch. You can use FaceTime, Skype, VoIP Apps or Watch TV without WiFi.

Quick Tips

Suppose, you wanna test your WiFi or testing something and for fun, you wanna get free WiFi apps, I would recommend to download free WiFi apps from given repo sources. If you like those apps, purchase them or uninstall it.

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  1. You can consider TetherMe, MyWi and WiFi untether Cydia tweaks. If you can spent a bit, I would suggest to install MyWi rather than anyother jailbreak tweak for WiFi tethering.

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