Top 12 Best Cydia Sources iOS 9.0.2 – 9.0.3 Tweaks, Apps [2015 Edition]

iOS 9.0.2 best Cydia Sources contains large number of jailbreak tweaks. We have picked up 12 Best repos for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone to download countless apps for free…

Cydia repositories also known as Cydia Sources in other words “Repos”. It contains large number of Cydia packages that are known as tweaks. Anyone can create their own repository, so, there are many “Sources” available online. The hard thing is to find out best out of best repos from them.

Here, I have tried to picked up some of the best Cydia sources for your iOS 9.0.2 iDevice. The tweaks will be compatible for iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone and iPod Touch, but the compatibility will depend on packages, tweaks. If you have best Cydia repos, you can get the best tweaks out there.

BigBoss: It is the bunch of all popular tweaks. Each new and experienced app developer host their tweaks on BigBoss, so till now, it is the best repo in all kind of packages. If you don’t wanna miss any important tweak at all, use BigBoss repository regularly.

ModMyi: They have millions active users on their repo source. One of the best and well reputed Cydia source in jailbreak community. You can find tweaks, themes and even games out there.

HackulOus: Did you jailbroken your iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPhone to get cracked apps and tweaks? Hackul0us is the repository that contains major popular apps and games for free.

HackYouriPhone Repo: The one which has large number of cracked tweaks. The tweaks which are paid on BigBoss repository that are free on Hack Your iPhone repo source. Once can consider it in the best Cydia Sources to get cracked jailbreak tweaks. It is developed by Fabi0us and major tweaks are well updated.

Popular: Springtomize iOS 9.0.2, iFile iOS 9.0.2, Dreamboard iOS 9.0.2

iPhoneCake: The best alternative to HackulOus. Since couple of days, HackulOus don’t work properly. I think, they have server issues. Cydia.iPhoneCake.COM is the best alternative to InstallOus and Hackul0us.

BiteYourApple: I have seen the cracked tweaks that are not available on Hack Your iPhone in the Bite Your Apple repository. The best Cydia repo for the cracked applications after HackYouriPhone repo.

The Popular tweaks: Barrel iOS 9.0.2, AppSync iOS 9.0.2, MyWi 9.0.2

SiNfuL iPhone Repo: This repository is established since the first jailbreak released. Mainly they contain cracked applications.

Ryan Petrich Repo: The creator of Activator iOS 9.0.2, DisplayOut, Display Recorder, Grabby, Luna and many other great iOS 9.0.2 jailbreak tweaks. His repo source is for beta testing. After testing, Ryan hosts his tweaks on BigBoss repository. One of the best place to get the updates about Ryan’s upcoming jailbreak tweak changes.

ZodTTD: It hosts mainly themes for the iDevices. If you are theme lover, add this source without any doubt. ZodTTD has daily updated themes for iPhone, iPad Air and iPad Mini.

Telesphoreo: It is created by Saurik, the creator of Cydia. This repo source contains Winterboard, Five icon dock and a few other tweaks.

Intelliborn, xSellize, iSpazio are the other best Cydia Sources that contains many useful jailbreak tweaks for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone.