DisplayOut, Free Lock Screen Tool, Swipe Down and ExKey are the Best System Apps

Swipe Down, Free Lock Screen Tool, DisplayOut, exKey and Cydget are the best system tweaks that you should try on your new iOS 9.0.2 jailbroken iPhone 5S, iPad Air or iPad Mini…

No doubt, these are the best system applications for jailbreak iDevice. After jailbreak has been launched by Evad3rs team, the tweak developers are working hard to update their stuff for iOS 9.0.2 iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Air, Mini etc.

One can try these tweaks, if he has jailbroken his iDevice and wanna modify his system settings. ExKey extends the power of your keypad, Lock Screen Tool adds more apps to your control Center, so that, you can quickly launch your favorite apps. DisplayOut is incredible for the users who wanna enjoy games or anything from your iDevice to monitor or TV.

I’m power user. I mostly run a lot of tweaks at once and have to close them all one by one manually. Sometimes, it becomes too annoying. Swipe Down is the tweak that works for me. Just swipe down and all apps gone.

1 ExKey: I personally have been using two iPhone keyboard tweaks. First is TouchPal English version which is available on the app store and can be install without jailbreak and another is exKey which is jailbreak tweak and can be installed only on jailbreak iDevice.

I have installed TouchPal Keyboard app on my iPad Air iOS and exKey keyboard jailbreak tweak on my iPhone 5S iOS 9.0.2. Both are different tweaks. Here I wanna talk especially about exKey. It adds an additional row above regular iPhone keyboard.

I found it useful, because I mostly have to use both alphabets and numeric keys. ExKey allows us to use both at the same time. It can be found on BigBoss repo source. Its paid app that will cost you $0.99.

2 DisplayOut: One of the best jailbreak gift for gamers. I would highly recommend this tweak for them who wanna enjoy videos and games on large screen. Simply jailbreak users can connect their iPhone, iPad Air, Mini with monitors, TVs and enjoy mirror screen of your iPhone or iPad.

It paid app that will cost you $2.99, however you can install it from SiNful iPhone Repo for free.

3 Swipe Down: Do you always forgot to close each and every particular apps after using it and facing short battery life? You need Swipe Down Cydia tweak that allows user to just swipe down once and all background running apps will be gone. This jailbreak tweak simply closes all the apps from App Switcher.

This is the free solution for you to maximize your iPhone or iPad Air battery life. SwipeDown is available on BigBoss repo for free. Just search “SwipeDown” and tap on “Install”. Done

4 Lock Screen Tool: This jailbreak tweak allows user to change “Slide to Unlock” text to your customized text. You can use your name or anything that you love as “Slide to Unlock”. Its free, so, enjoy customized “Slide to Unlock” text.

Quick Tip

I would recommend to install tweaks, if you really found it useful. Normally, all these apps will consume battery life. I personally avoid many of these tweaks after testing.

I would suggest you too to do the same thing. Test and if you found anything useless, remove it. Have you wanna say anything? Comment it.