RecBoot iOS 9.0.2 – 9.0.3: Put iPhone, iPad into Recovery Mode in One Click

RecBoot is the best utility to put iPad, iPhone into recovery mode in a click. Its available for Windows and MAC OS…

RecBoot is the utility which saves your time and efforts to put your iPad or iPhone into recovery mode. You don’t need be confuse in recovery mode procedures or steps. Download RecBoot and it allows users to put iDevice into recovery mode in just one click. Isn’t it easy?

If you wanna restore your firmware or getting any iTunes errors such as “iTunes error 1015”, then you should download and use this tool that fixes all the errors and allows you to get recovery mode easily. It can be installed on MAC OS and Windows PC.

RecBoot Allows users to get into Recovery mode: MAC OS Windows

Suppose, you already got your iPad or iPhone into recovery mode, you can exit recovery mode by just pressing a button. RecBoot has too buttons, one for enter recovery mode while another is for exit recovery mode.

How to Download and Install RecBoot

Look, the best thing is, Google RecBoot latest build for MAC OS or Windows PC. Install it and use for your iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPod Touch.

Download and install it on your MAC or Windows PC and open it. Connect your iDevice to the computer and do whatever you wanna do with recovery mode.

Quick Tip

Recovery Mode and DFU mode are completely different from each other, so please, don’t use RecBoot to put your iDevice into DFU, otherwise it will be in Recovery mode and you will think it as DFU mode.

Comment, if you have any issue…