How to Install Winterboard on iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, iPhone

So, finally the day came when Winterboard iOS 9.0.2 / 9.0.3 has been released. The updated version can able to install themes on iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, iPhone 5S-5C and all former compatible iDevices…

The best ever theme customization tool that has been updated for iOS 9.0.2 and even for ARM64-bit iDevices. Now iPhone 5S, 5C and iPad Air, iPad Mini devices can also install themes using Winterboard iOS 9.0.2.

It allows the theme developer to create themes to customize iOS 9.0.2 look. Saurik, the creator, has updated it with the new version and fixed a lot of bugs. Over the past week, Saurik has fixed these bugs and made it available for iOS 9.0.2.

The simple thing you need to do is, you must jailbreak your iDevice and update your mobile substrate with Cydia Substrate, however, you have jailbreak your iDevice with evasi0n7 1.0.3, then Cydia substrate will automatically be installed on your device, so, no need to install or update it manually.

The latest fix is the major update that allows iOS 9.0.2 jailbreak users to install and customize their iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air Retina Display with a variety of Cydia themes.

How to Install and Use Winterboard iOS 9.0.2

Finally, now you can install the updated version of Winterboard. That being said, it supports Summerboard themes too. So, get it installed on your device…

  • Browser your springboard and launch Cydia
  • Tap on Search and type “Winterboard”
  • Tap on Install
  • Done

Note: Suppose, you have deleted Telesphoreo repo source, you need to add it, before searching the app.

Quick Review

No doubt, Winterboard is the best theme installer for iOS 9.0.2, however, there is still another great alternative and that’s Dreamboard iOS 9.0.2 compatible theme installer.

Did you tried any theme? Share them with us…