Docker, BetterFiveiConDock, ClassicDock, Dock Cydia Tweaks for iPad, iPhone

Finally, Mac Like Dock, BetterFiveiconDock, Docker and ClassicDock have been updated to iOS 9.0.2 jailbreak.

I can feel that many great Cydia tweaks have been updated to iOS 9.0.2 now. It seems like there is a great feature for jailbreaking in upcoming days.

I’m talking about jailbreak that always extend iPhone features at higher level. Today, I’ve some great jailbreak apps for your to decorate or customize dock on your iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPhone. If you’ve iPod Touch, you can also install these tweaks, but it’s better to install only one out of four of these Cydia tweaks.

First, I’d take Dock Cydia tweak, because I’ve iPad Air, so Dock is the perfect Mac style docking app and would work best on my iPad Air. If you’ve iPad Mini, iPad Air or any older model or iPad that can run iOS 9.0.2 jailbreak, you should consider Dock iOS 9.0.2 that brings Mac Style dock on your iPad.

I found that this tweak is not working good on iPhone because of small screen. This mac style dock covers large part of screen because of rotating dock and because it’s mac style. You can apply this tweak on iPad only.

If you’ve iPhone and wanna install good Cydia tweak for your Dock, you can consider Docker or BetterFiveiConDock. Both, tweak bring really cool docking features. Docker adds one additional dock bar whereas BetterFiveiConDock adds one more app to the dock.

So, if you wanna add four more apps to the dock, you can consider Docker and if you wanna add only one more app to the iPhone dock, you can download and install BetterFiveiconDock.

Finally, ClassicDock has also updated for iOS 9.0.2 that brings iOS 6 style dock to the iOS 9.0.2 firmware. Do you know, many users love old Mac Style docking bar and still they wanna install Classic Dock, so, in this case, ClassicDock is the perfect Cydia tweak for them.

If you wanna install any other these Cydia tweaks on your iPhone or iPad, there is one destination on Cydia sources and it’s BigBoss. You can head to the repository address where you can found all of these Cydia tweaks for free for limited time.

So, don’t waste your time and head to the Cydia repo that i’ve mentioned above and if you found any trouble, let me know via comments.

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