Top 6 Best Jailbreak iOS 9.0.2 – 9.0.3 Hacks for iPad, iPhone

Do you have iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPhone and wanna best Cydia hacks? Here are the top 6 jailbreak hacks that can change your look to iOS 9.0.2…

Today, I will tell you all the possible best Cydia hacks for your iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone. It can be applied to iPod Touch too. Currently all these jailbreak hacks are compatible for iOS 9.0.2 and higher only.

TouchPal: It is one of the best Cydia hacks that you should have on your iPhone or iPad. It will completely change your typing speed and style. TouchPal Keyboard is the best jailbreak hack and it converts all the keyboards in your iPhone whether it is WhatsApp, iMessage or Safari apps. It has three style keyboards. Swipy, TouchPal English Default and Dictionary mode keyboard.

Springtomize iOS 9.0.2: Do you wanna change the status bar, dock and springboard look and icons? Springtomize allows all these things easily. Springtomize iOS 9.0.2 user can hide or add customized items to the status bar. Additionally, you can add or remove apps from dock bar that have been added by default. Furthermore, it changes the look as well.

MyWi iOS 9.0.2: Are you looking for free WiFi Hack? You’re at the best Cydia hacks for WiFi. MyWi iOS 9.0.2 is one of the best jailbreak hacks out there on the jailbreak community for WiFi hacking. I have never seen such a powerful WiFi hacking app anywhere on app store.

Barrel iOS 9.0.2: It is the one that I personally have on my iPad Air, iPhone and iPod Touch. For testing purpose, I have to test everything on each of my iDevices. I have found Barrel iOS 9.0.2, the best jailbreak hacks out there for scrolling page effects.

Quick Tip

These are the best Cydia hacks, and all are free at HYI repo source. It is the best jailbreak source for full version paid apps for free. If you are facing any issue while installing or downloading these apps, you can comment here.