New Releases: Fancy, LockY0urAppFree, FlipNC, Display Recorder and ClipShot

LockY0urAppFree, FlipNC, Fancy, ClipShot and Display Recorder were the top applications that were released today on Cydia app store that worth to try on your iOS 9.0.2 iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Mini 2, Air…

Today, LockYourAppFree was released with couple of other apps that are listed above. Its free app with minimal features. The paid version of LockY0urApp is also available with full features. However, the minimal version is enough to protect our iPhone from unauthorized access.

ClipShot and Display Recorder were the other apps that rock the Cydia store. Both are mainly focused on recording screen activity. Both of them are must have tweak for the users who wanna either capture a screenshot or record real-time screen activity.

Fancy: Now its time to colorize your iOS 9.0.2. Fancy does the same thing on iOS 9.0.2 based iDevices. It colorize iOS 9.0.2 user interface and reduce the battery usage. Its free tweak that can be installed from BigBoss repository.

LockYourAppFree: Do you wanna lock iPhone apps for free? LockYourAppFree is the jailbreak tweak that allows user to configure password or pattern for installed applications. User can get full control on his iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The best free solution to protect your important data from unauthorized access.

FlipNC: It brings Flip Switch toggles to Notification center. The simple and tiny tweak and also free.

Display Recorder: The best tweak to record iPhone screen movements. If you wanna record the game session, just enable recording and start playing that game. Your game record will be captured on real-time video. Furthermore, it supports Google YouTube integration that allows user to upload captured videos automatically on YouTube account.

Display Recorder is available on BigBoss repository for $4.99. User can hide or show taps with various effects. The best ever jailbreak app for screen recorder.

ClipShot: Suppose, you need only screenshot, then there is a free alternative to Display Recorder and that is ClipShot. It allows user to capture screenshot at free of cost. ClipShot also available on BigBoss repository.

Quick Note

I would recommend Fancy, if your iPhone battery drain to quickly for some spike in stand by and usage time. Its free and worth to try. ClipShot is also must have tweak.