LocaliAPStore Download: Get In-App Purchases for Free

LocaliAPStore iOS 9.0.2 is one of the best in-app purchase cracker. It is fully compatible for iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone and iPod Touch to get free paid applications…

The days of InstallOus have gone and now the time came to install paid in-app purchases for free even without cracking them. This is the smartest way to get a shot to your favorite app without installing cracking version. LocaliAPStore allows iOS 9.0.2 user to install almost all in-app apps and games for free.

InstallOus was a database of cracked apps and games. Most of us don’t like cracked version. LocaliAPStore iOS 9.0.2 is for them that allows us a full version game or app for free. I have tested many popular games such as Temple Run and many other popular games and apps on my iPad Air and iPad Mini 2. I have tested them on iPhone 5S and those are working quite well like full a full version. That’s amazing.

LocaliAPStore works similarly like iAPFree iOS 9.0.2 and iAP Cracker. Actually, when user click on “Purchase” button or link, LocaliAPStore bypass purchase page and redirect you directly on installation page. Just configure two settings for this jailbreak app and there you go!

How to Install LocaliAPStore iOS 9.0.2

The first thing you must do is, you must have jailbroken iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone or any iOS iDevice that have been jailbroken. The second thing you must do is, you must install AppSync iOS 9.0.2. This is the Cydia plugin that is must for LocaliAPStore to work properly and without it, you can’t even open this app.

AppSync is free Cydia plugin which can be find easily from many top Cydia repositories. Once you got app sync iOS 9.0.2, follow other steps to install Local iAP Store iOS 9.0.2 jailbreak app.

1 The most important thing is, to get working version from trusted Cydia repo source. First launch Cydia application from springboard. Make sure, you have connected to WiFi or 3G connection in order to access Cydia.

2 Tap on Manage and then Sources. Here you have add a repo source that will allow you to install Local iAP Store application. Tap on Edit and Add.

3 Add http://repo.hackyouriphone.org and return to Cydia again. Here tap on Search and type “LocaliAPStore” and go. Choose the app and tap on “Install”.

4 After installation, I would recommend to reboot your iDevice whether you have iPhone or iPad Air or iPad Mini.

How to Use LocaliAPStore

There is nothing to configure any complex settings, but, just enable it from Settings app and there you go. Open any game or app and tap on “Purchase”. If you get any error or unknown page, just comment here.

Note: The updated version supports iOS 9.0.2 and 64 bit A7 iDevice that includes iPhone 5S, 5C, iPad Air, iPad Mini Retina and all older iDevices.

Quick Note

As a essential step, you must have jailbroken iDevice and second, install AppSync iOS 9.0.2.

The above repo source will provide you working LocaliAPStore app. Suppose, any app or game doesn’t work with this jailbreak app, you can install iAPFree or iAP Cracker from the same repo source to check it out.


  1. Thanks, it works with Hay day properly
    I had installed it on iPad Air iOS 9.0.2 and tried to hack Hay day and surprisingly it worked

    • if you clock on evasion it should pop out, if it doesn’t try to recover your Idevice and try again. a tip: try to jailbreak it through the evasion site and none other and don’t touch your Idevice unless they ask you to do itο»Ώ

      once you have jailbreak ios 7.1, install localiapstore ios 7 and then get a game list that work

  2. 1.3-1 version does not work, please update for clash of clans / wild blood / iceage village / temple run 2 / modern combat 4 please please please

    • When I try to download LocallAPStore, I get a thing that says “Size mismatch” and it doesn’t download, what do I do?

  3. Does it works with Candy Crush?

    I’ve iPhone 5S and iPad Mini 2
    i wanna install this game on both of my iDevice. Both my iDevices are jailbroken with iOS
    Need your suggestion

  4. It works on ipad mini ios 8 but when rebooting device. It disappear from the settings panel and stop to work.Tried to remove, reboot and reinstall but it won’t work.Please fix it.Thanks.

  5. It’s not working on racing rivals, or csr racing…. Can you please some how show me to to work it for those games or update it so it can work for those games thank you
    iPad Mini iOS 8

    • When it comes to purchasing cash or gold in CSR Racing, the developers use a seperate server for purchases. So if you “bought” something but then the server didn’t recieve any money, the server will deny it and it will revert back to your original stats. Dunno about Racing Rivals, though.

    • Really helpful. Now I was wondering if you could find or create a new hack for server-sided games. Search up GraalOnline Era and try to buy the in app purchases. It won’t allow you for some reason.ο»Ώ

      i need more localiapstore list of games

  6. Don’t work with any app . It’s due to update ,earlier it use to work with every app.now it crash and come back to home screen
    Localiapstore iOS 9.0.2

  7. Did you make sure its enabled in setting, if you have maybe the game you’re trying to do this on is not yet compatible with LocalIAPStore.

    • I can’t get it to work on subway surfers. Every time I click on the things in the store, the app crashes. Is there a way to fix this? It works on other games

  8. i like what you wrote.. but the Local IAP store its not a real store.. and you don’t really bought money from the App Store

    Can you give me list of all compatible games that can run on iPad air and iPad Mini
    You can’t
    I’ve iPad Air and it doesn’t work properly

  9. OMG IT WORKED!!! Thank you so much! At first i tried it with “clash of clans” but it didn’t work so i went to another game and it did i soon realized that this hack only works with games you can play offline but still its the best thank you!ο»Ώ

    I need localiApstore list of games that work on iPad and iphone

    • Both iAP Cracker and IAPFree didn’t work for me. This one works like a charm for games and apps (Tested in Angry Birds Rio, Marvin and ABBYY Lingvo) Thanks!

  10. I tried every thing I could to get the free in app purchases and every time i do it my iPad air just closes the tab like i pressed the home button so please make a video on how to make sure that doesn’t happen because now i’m way too tired to even try because i know it just wont work

  11. Warning:
    LocalIAPStore will never work on certain server-based games,
    Only way to get the tweak to work is to shutdown the server checks and use the developer server access, Some games won’t even show you the IAP because they are aware of LocalIAPStore and they won’t load the IAPs at all

  12. It dosen’t work on when to get some coin’s for instalikes and followers or any other apps only some games that works πŸ™‚ but is it possible to fix it and update it ?

  13. So just wondering, Is Racing Rivals also server sided? That is one of the games I was really hoping this would work for.

    • It means that that game is probably server based therefore you cannot bypass payment, which is a good thing because if it’s server based then it means servers check if the payment has gone through and if there no payment but you’ve been given what you wanted they would probably ban you from the app

  14. For all those saying specific apps that its not working with, its only not working with those apps because they are server based. Any app that is not server based, or using WifI to be played will work fine

  15. please tell me how to hack miniclip games and also my tom cat beacuse the purchases of miniclip games and my tom cat couldnot purchased please tell me how to hack them…..

    • Hayday is a server sided game and most hacks will not work for these kinda games iv been working and looking through all sorts of hacks and sites using hex editors and other programs and I haven’t found anything yet


  16. Not working for Slotomania, it tells me to restart the app to complete my purchase then it doesn’t show up…

    • Many games and apps have different settings and configurations, you should try iAPCrazy or iAP Cracker as alternatives for local iap store

    • It’s because you already have a store bypass installed whether it be iapfree or another version of localiapstore or plugins through cydia for certain games to bypass, I suggest if you don’t have anything installed like that to download ifile and go to that link where it says trying to overwrite and delete that file

  17. After installing the software the “free” in-app purchases work but when I try to legally buy in-app product that not supported by this now isn’t working anymore. I have tried multiple times on diffrent ways. But as son as localiapstore is installed I can’t buy any legal in-app anymore it just withdraws credit but app doesn’t give the in-app buy like it normally should

    • Yeah, because you’ve installed couple of Cydia tweaks that bypasses these in-app purchase page. So, before trying to purchase next time, you should disable these tweaks, specially localiAPStore or any other related tweaks

  18. I have installed all iAPFree, LocaliAPStore, iAPCrazy and iAP Cracker as well but none of them work on Star Chef nor HayDay. I have tried one by one as well but no LUCK. Error message said “Purchase Failed and There seems to be some problem with the server. Try again later.” It works on Candy Crush though.

    I am on ios 9.0.2. Please help….. Appreciate it if you could tell me how can I get it work for “Star Chef”. Thank you.

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