LocaliAPStore Download: Get In-App Purchases for Free

LocaliAPStore iOS 9.0.2 is one of the best in-app purchase cracker. It is fully compatible for iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone and iPod Touch to get free paid applications…

The days of InstallOus have gone and now the time came to install paid in-app purchases for free even without cracking them. This is the smartest way to get a shot to your favorite app without installing cracking version. LocaliAPStore allows iOS 9.0.2 user to install almost all in-app apps and games for free.

InstallOus was a database of cracked apps and games. Most of us don’t like cracked version. LocaliAPStore iOS 9.0.2 is for them that allows us a full version game or app for free. I have tested many popular games such as Temple Run and many other popular games and apps on my iPad Air and iPad Mini 2. I have tested them on iPhone 5S and those are working quite well like full a full version. That’s amazing.

LocaliAPStore works similarly like iAPFree iOS 9.0.2 and iAP Cracker. Actually, when user click on “Purchase” button or link, LocaliAPStore bypass purchase page and redirect you directly on installation page. Just configure two settings for this jailbreak app and there you go!

How to Install LocaliAPStore iOS 9.0.2

The first thing you must do is, you must have jailbroken iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone or any iOS iDevice that have been jailbroken. The second thing you must do is, you must install AppSync iOS 9.0.2. This is the Cydia plugin that is must for LocaliAPStore to work properly and without it, you can’t even open this app.

AppSync is free Cydia plugin which can be find easily from many top Cydia repositories. Once you got app sync iOS 9.0.2, follow other steps to install Local iAP Store iOS 9.0.2 jailbreak app.

1 The most important thing is, to get working version from trusted Cydia repo source. First launch Cydia application from springboard. Make sure, you have connected to WiFi or 3G connection in order to access Cydia.

2 Tap on Manage and then Sources. Here you have add a repo source that will allow you to install Local iAP Store application. Tap on Edit and Add.

3 Add http://repo.hackyouriphone.org and return to Cydia again. Here tap on Search and type “LocaliAPStore” and go. Choose the app and tap on “Install”.

4 After installation, I would recommend to reboot your iDevice whether you have iPhone or iPad Air or iPad Mini.

How to Use LocaliAPStore

There is nothing to configure any complex settings, but, just enable it from Settings app and there you go. Open any game or app and tap on “Purchase”. If you get any error or unknown page, just comment here.

Note: The updated version supports iOS 9.0.2 and 64 bit A7 iDevice that includes iPhone 5S, 5C, iPad Air, iPad Mini Retina and all older iDevices.

Quick Note

As a essential step, you must have jailbroken iDevice and second, install AppSync iOS 9.0.2.

The above repo source will provide you working LocaliAPStore app. Suppose, any app or game doesn’t work with this jailbreak app, you can install iAPFree or iAP Cracker from the same repo source to check it out.