Kuaiyong English: Download Mac OS X & Windows Compatible Version for iPhone, iPad

The developers of Kuaiyong claim to install cracked apps without jailbreak. Download iPhone, iPad file manager for MAC OS X and Windows PC…

A completely new things we came to know last week, a chinese jailbreak app developer team has developed Kuaiyong, that is able to install Cydia apps without jailbreak iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPod Touch. We wanna add one thing here that without AppSync. Interesting thing is, AppSync is Cydia app that can’t be installed without jailbreak and without App Sync, how can Kuaiyong can install cracked apps.

25PP, AppCake and vShare are similar apps that allows user to download cracked apps and install on iPhone and iPad, but Kuaiyong would be the first jailbreak app that works without jailbreak.

Kuaiyong is developed by Chinese developers and available in Chinese language for download to Mac and Windows PC, however, English version is still in progress. The developers are claiming to release Kuaiyong English version soon.

To install Kuaiyong English version on your iPhone or iPad, download Kuaiyong iPA file from the developer’s website for Mac OS X or Windows PC and install it using iTools 2015 or iFunBox.

If you find any issue to download Kuaiyong or installation on iPhone or iPad, leave a single comment…



  1. Thanks it works!

    I purchased a brand new iPhone 6 Plus and without jailbreak I installed Kuaiyong iOS 8.3 on my iPhone and the best part is, I can install any app for free using Kuaiyong. This Chinese software is awesome. I installed MoveBox latest version using this app without jailbreak.

    One thing i noted that you can install only free app store apps or iPa files which are already free. If you wanna install paid tweaks for free, you still have to jailbreak your iDevice and install appsync first.

    thanks man

    • vShare, AppAddict and 25PP also work without jailbreak. Kuaiyong iOS 9.0.2 is not only the app that works without jailbreak.
      But, there is some limitation, you can’t install jailbreak apps or cracked apps using Kuaiyong if you’ve installed it without jailbreak

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