iOS 9.0.2 Beta 2: Download IPSW for Developers and Public Beta Testers

iOS 9.0.2 Beta 2: Download IPSW for Developers and Public Beta Testers

Boom! The second beta is released for Public beta testers too. Yeah, Apple released iOS 9.0.2 beta, the second beta of iOS 9.0.2, to Developers and Public beta testers today.

What a great opportunity for us to have iOS 9.0.2 music service, iBooks features and couple of other great improvements without registering developer account. Thanks to Apple.

You can also download iOS 9.0.2 beta 2 without developer account by registering your Apple account with Apple Seed Program where Apple allows registration for Public beta testers.

iOS 9.0.2 Beta 2 supports iPhone 4S which was out reportedly before. However, Apple refused the rumors and added iPhone 4S as supported device. So, iPhone 4S users can also download iOS 9.0.2 and install on their iPhone to avail their most awaited music service which is known as – Beats.

iOS 9.0.2 beta 1 was full of bugs. The battery life was suck, music app was crashing multiple time, in many cases downloaded music was not playable. But, the new iOS 9.0.2 has handled many of these bugs and now the users can enjoy iOS 9.0.2 music service without any issue.

Apple has put download links on their server for Public beta testers and developers. You can download and install iOS 9.0.2 beta 2 directly from your device too. Just open from your registered device and scroll down to General > and then Software Update >. Your device must be connected with internet connection whether it is WiFi or 4G.

Your registered device would fetch the iOS 9.0.2 update and alert you to download and install over the air. Just confirm it and enjoy newly installed iOS 9.0.2. If you’ve found any bug, you can report at Apple or comment here…

Download ┬áiOS 9.0.2 and Enjoy…

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