InstallOus Alternatives: Still Install Paid Cracked Apps for Free for iPad Air, Mini, iPhone Install0us

InstallOus was the best for iOS 6 to install cracked apps for free, Unfortunately, Install0us iOS 9.0.2 is not available, but still, you can download paid in-app purchases for free using alternatives for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone…

Apple app store contains large number of apps, games and themes. Its being said that app store has millions of apps including free and paid applications. But as always, to get best things, you need to pay. The rule applies here too. Major useful apps are paid. Most of the genuine users prefer to purchase them.

But most of the time, we uninstall app or game just after one shot. There should be trial version, so that, we can try before buy. Unfortunately, there isn’t. InstallOus comes handy in such ways.

InstallOus or Install0us whatever, provides and allows cracked paid applications for free. You are getting paid in-app purchases for free. To install InstallOus iOS 9.0.2, you must have jailbreak iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone or any iDevice, but it must be jailbroken. Additionally, InstallOus iOS 9.0.2 is not available. Actually, its shut down in the year 2013.

There was some hosting issues and suddenly the developer of Install0us, Hackulous, decided to take down. Fortunately, you still have a chance to install those cracked in-app purchases for free using InstallOus iOS 9.0.2 alternatives.

Install0us iOS 9.0.2 Alternatives

I’m talking about AppCake, Zeusmos, vShare, AppAddict and many other apps and Cydia sources to install cracked paid in-app purchases.

Note: first of all, interested users need to install AppSync iOS 9.0.2 before installing any of these Install0us iOS 9.0.2 alternatives. Its free and available on Cydia repository.

1 AppCake: This is one of the best iOS 9.0.2 InstallOus alternatives. There are many iOS 9.0.2 apps have been cracked and available on this jailbreak app for iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone and other iDevices. AppCake iOS 9.0.2 available for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone iDevices. There is a separate version called AppCake HD for iPad Air and iPad Mini.

To install it, you need to add iPhoneCake repo source. Add:

Zeusmos, vShare, iFunBox, HipStore, 25pp English version are also the best alternatives for iOS 9.0.2 InstallOus.

2 iAP Cracker iOS 9.0.2: This is a new kind of in-app purchase cracker. Once it has been installed on your iOS 9.0.2 iDevice, you can bypass purchase page and install paid application without cracking it. This is the best way to install those application. This way, its not alternative for InstallOus, but, works the same thing which Install0us does.

Bonus: LocaliAPStore iOS 9.0.2, iAPFree iOS 9.0.2 are similar applications for iOS 9.0.2 to install paid in-app purchases for free.

3 Cydia Repository: If you think none of above apps are good alternatives to Install0us for your iOS 9.0.2 iDevice, then you can go for some of the repositories which provides cracked applications. There are many sources for this, take a example of BiteYourApple, SiNfuL iPhone Repo and HackYouriPhone repo source.

Quick Note

I have provided all the information that I could. Its depend on you which alternative you would choose. Suppose, you can using one of the above InstallOus alternatives, let us know what are you doing with it in comments.