Zeusmos iOS 9.0.2 – 9.0.3 Allows to Install iPA Files, Apps, Games Without Computer

After Install0us, iOS 9.0.2 Zeusmos is the best jailbreak tweak to get Cydia tweaks, app store apps and much more for iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone and iPod Touch. It Allows User to install cracked iPA files without computer…

Install0us was the most popular jailbreak app store that had Clash of clan, Candy Crush and Angry Birds series cracked games. It was great fun to use it on iOS 6, but its no more. Its not available for iOS 9.0.2. So, now we should move on to the alternatives which have similar app database.

Zeusmos is the best alternative to any other jailbreak store that offer cracked file installation. Currently on iOS 9.0.2, Zeusmos can be really useful. iOS 9.0.2 compatible app is available on HackYouriPhone Repo Source.

It can be installed only on jailbroken iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone and all the iDevices which run on iOS 9.0.2 jailbreak firmware. Additionally, to support Zeusmos app functionality a plugin is required called AppSync. Its also free and available on Cydia app store.

If you have already jailbroken your iDevice, then you should install AppSync first. Its available on many Cydia Sources, but I would recommend HackYouriPhone Repo again. Actually, both of the apps Zeusmos and AppSync will be installed from the same repo.

1 First open Cydia app and jump to Manage section. Tap on Sources. Here you need to add a repo source to download Zeusmos and App Sync app.

2 Tap on Edit and then Add. Add below repo source and once you have added below repo source, return to Cydia again.


3 Once you have returned to Cydia, tap on Search tab and look for “AppSync iOS 9.0.2”. I would recommend to install this plugin before Zeusmos iOS 9.0.2.

4 After installing the plugin, look for “Zeusmos” and tap on install. Don’t forget to reboot after installation.

Once you have installed both app on your jailbroken iPad or iPhone, you are ready to install iPA files for free without having computer.

Quick Tip

No doubt, Zeusmos iOS 9.0.2 works without an issue and has a huge database of cracked apps and games, but the large number of users are reporting that apps are out dated and in some newer iDevices, Zeusmos doesn’t work properly.

In that case, you may try vShare or AppCake. Both of these jailbreak apps are the best alternatives to Zeusmos iOS 9.0.2 and both apps have great compatibility over iOS 9.0.2 newer iDevices.


  1. When the box pops open for the captcha code here is what I did
    1. Wait for the page to FULLY load
    2. If you press and hold on the empty box with your finger for about 3 seconds
    3. Remove finger from screen
    4. Type in code
    This worked for me on an iPad Mini Ios 7.0.4

  2. I can’t add the insanelyi repo because it exceeds my package limit. If I still install it after that warning whenever I search something on cydia nothing shows up

  3. Yeah thanks, I ended up giving up on Zeusmos though and giving App Addict a try. It’s working pretty well and has an ios 7 theme as well.

  4. When i did a C&P i think it added a few extra things to the source, i fixed the error. but now theirs no apps i can download because when i click them all the links are usually down or broken..
    about vshare i think it works better

  5. After directly installing ipa, i go to the app i just downloaded and it crashes. Happened with 5 apps. Anyone else have this problem?

  6. When I download appsync it crashes half way on cydia and goes to safe mode. I tried uninstalling it and installing several time still crashes.

  7. This happen because you already have a higher version of app sync downloaded, this one isn’t updated, you most likely already have the updated app sync down loaded. To check, just go into cydia and search app sync and see if you have it downloaded.´╗┐

    Zeusmos iOS 9.0.2 iPad Air iOS 9.0.2 beta

  8. Watch your language, she did an amazing job showing us semi-intelligent people how to make it work. Now, behave and use your brain and a pause button

  9. hey thank you so much for your tut ..actually works but instead of mine downloading straight away it ask to enter code and has adverts on the download page. can i get some help here?

  10. I’m afraid that if you’d download thousands of cracked apps, your iPhone would be break. Zeusmos is good app to install cracked apps, but don’t install such large number of jailbreak apps

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