How to Install WhatsApp iOS 9.0.2 iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPod Touch, iPhone

iOS 9.0.2 WhatsApp is a popular messenger app that can be installed on iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch too including iPhone…

WhatsApp iOS 9.0.2 is designed only for iPhone 5S, 5C and other iPhone that runs on iOS 9.0.2. Currently, there isn’t any iPad Air or iPad Mini version available even iPod Touch users also can’t install WhatsApp. But, there are a few tricks that can be used to install and verify your identity on your iPad Air or iPad Mini.

First, I would suggest you to read the article about WhatsApp iPad compatibility that has been published on Cydia Sources. Actually, there are many users on that blog who have confirmed that it works on their iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch with iPhone using iOS 9.0.2.

Suppose, it doesn’t work, then watch a video that I have attacked below that can also help you…

What you need to Install WhatsApp iOS 9.0.2 on iPad Air, iPad Mini

  1. iFunbox
  2. iFile iOS 9.0.2

Quick Tip

I would recommend users to read the comments and participate, if you have similar issues. Its the best idea to get the fix from the users review.


    • That’s a great question! Yeah, you can install WhatsApp on Windows 9.0.2 and Windows 7 for your PC
      Actually, it doesn’t work directly on computer, but you will have to install Android platform or emulator to run Whatsapp on Windows computer or MAC OS

  1. Can Anyone give me the list of iDevices that WhatsApp supports
    I mean iPad Air Whatsapp, iPad Mini Whatsapp, iPod Touch 5th Generation or iPhone?
    I’ve two iDevice, one is iPad Mini and second is iPod Touch 5G
    Please advice

    • In some cases, I have seen working whatsapp iPad Air and iPod Touch 4G versions, but I haven’t personally tested whatsapp on iPad Air or iPad Mini yet, I have tested it on iPod Touch 4G and its working like a charm
      i’ve iPod Touch 4th Generation iOS and installed Whats app successfully

  2. Please help me, how to fix device not supported error while installing WhatsApp iPad version. I tried same steps on my iPod Touch 5th Generation too

    But, no luck

  3. u can copy whatsapp from itunes and paste the ipa on the desktop OR u can drag the whatsapp icon from itunes onto your desktop @carlos suarrez

  4. My iPhone’s lightning cable has gone for replacement, so I can’t use my iPhone 5S otherwise the battery will drop to 0 (the battery is already dropping everyday by 10% even though I am not using it). Meanwhile, I want to use whatsapp on my iPad, how do I do it without an iPhone? Reply at

  5. thank you for the video…helped me a lot….it is good to mention that the ifunbox need to be installed on the computer and not on the ipad mini ….i wasn’t sure where to look for it in the beginning as i am so new to that…anyhow…thanks again it was easy

  6. To all those that got error — I did too. BUT then i took the SIM Card out of my iPad, deleted the WhatsApp that was on my iPhone then reinstalled WhatsApp with iPad sim in iphone – then followed the above instructions THEN went ipad sim went back in iPad & I opened WhatsApp — IT WORKED!!!!! You need to apply the reverse sim card, not that as listed in instructions. Now i Have fully functioning WhatsApp on my iPad 🙂 … im so CHUFFED!!!! once your iPad works then put your iphone sim back into iphone, delete the WhatsApp and reload WhatsApp again — it will ask you to restore from icloud / register your number, just do it then Whats App on iphone sim back again

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  8. for jaibreak device,
    1) just install watsapp from 3rd party source
    2) install whatspad from works for me.. ipad mini wifi + cellular, ios 9.0.3 (jb)

  9. I cannot receive whatsapp messages on my jail broken I pad air iOS 9.0.2. But I see the notification of the messages, but when I go to the app to read the message, it is not there. But I can send messages though.

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