Download iAP Cracker iOS 9.0.2: The Best Way to Get Free In-APP Purchases

The best ever in-app purchase installer jailbreak app is iOS 9.0.2 iAP Cracker that allows user to install those apps on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mini, Air at no cost…

Do you know what is the difference between cracked app and in-app purchases? Cracked apps are modified by version of original app and it might have some codes that have been injected. Its really risk to have such apps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, if you are doing Bank transaction or any kind of professional work.

LinkStore iOS 9.0.2: Download All the Cracked Apps For Free

However, there is a way to come out and use all those paid apps at free of cost without cracking them. iOS 9.0.2 iAP Cracker works on bypass tweak. It simply redirects purchase page to install page where you can install the tweak without purchase it.

Does it really work? Its a big question. I haven’t tried it ever before. But, the large number of users have tried it and their opinions are suggesting that it works. There is a big list of compatible apps, games and themes.

How to Install iAP Cracker on iOS 9.0.2

Now the question is how to download and install it on iOS 9.0.2. The one thing that I would like to clear here that iAP Cracker requires jailbreaking. You must jailbreak your iOS 9.0.2 iDevice whether it is iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Air, iPad Mini.

The second thing is AppSync iOS 9.0.2, its a Cydia plugin that is must to make it work properly. Without having AppSync, you would be unable to use this app successfully.

1 Jailbreak & Install AppSync: Once you have jailbroken your iDevice, install App Sync plugin. The working plugin can be found here on our blog. you can install from given link.

Tip: Open Cydia, tap on search “iAP Cracker” or “iAP Cracker iOS 9.0.2” and then search it. Suppose, you get the working version out there, install it, otherwise follow below steps.

2 Add Source: Open Cydia, tap on “Manage”, then “Sources”. Now, tap on Edit and “Add”. In the next field, add iAP Cracker repo source.

3 Install it: Now tap on Sources and tap on the repo source that you have added just in the above step. Search “iAP Cracker” and install it.

4 Restart: The final step is restart your iDevice. Done. Use it as usual.

iAP Cracker Alternatives

I found that there are a lot of game and apps that are not supported by iOS 9.0.2 version, here you can try iAPFree and LocaliAPStore. Both are the same add-ons that do the same task.

App Sync Plugin is compulsory for every app that have been listed here.

Compatibility List

Temple Run
Need For Speed
Angry Birds
Angry Birds Seasons
Cut the Rope
Talking Tom Cat


  1. Game: Rage Of Bahamut

    Was testing with iAP Cracker for iOS 9.0.2 iPhone 5S

    Result: Error: We have charged for the coins, but the transaction has failed. We will try to add the credits upon the next app run.
    After about 30mins of waiting nothing has happened so it doesn’t work.

    • How to use iAP cracker iOS 9.0.2?
      i’ve ipad 4 iOS jailbroken
      please give me a compatibility list if possible

  2. I have tried “Advena”, its working but you must buy game currency while connected to net. Will take a while, After a while of loading close cash shop and reopen and you will have the points.

  3. Angry Birds (All) works like a charm

    Unlocks the Mighty Eagle for Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio.

    Thanks bro
    keep it up

  4. tried my luck on Dark Meadow v. 1.0.2

    Guk: It works, but only if you purchased/genuinely own the apps, error occurs because it could not authenticate the ownership of the games.
    phatpham: Works perfectly with Dark Meadow v1.0.1 crack

    iAP cracker iOS 9.0.2 works great on iOS 9.0.2, and its confirmed

  5. Tested Gun Club 2

    It pops up buy with iTunes, hit the iTunes symbol and it will be unlocked. My iTunes account has no credit card or funds on it and I got the gun packs for free.

    testing more and more games and apps

    • I’ve tried this thing many times on clash of clan and candy games,but do not working
      if you get working hack, please let me know
      I would love to get that in-app cracker

  6. iAP Cracker Clash of clan needed
    give me a list of games and apps that have been compatible for this in-app puchase cracker

  7. I’ve upgraded to iOS 9.0.2 and now I can’t use iOS 9.0.2 jailbreak
    can somebody post the app of iAP cracker iOS 9.0.2 without jailbreak to get in-app purchases for free?
    I’m using iPad Mini Retina iOS 9.0.2

    • download “tongbu” search it in google, must have itunes in your pc otherwise it wont work.
      tongbu can give you unlimited apps free of cost, you can watch a tutorial video on youtube, etc “no jailbreak required”

    • You should consider LocaliAPStore and iAPFree as the best alternative to iAP Cracker Cydia tweak. Suppose, if iAPCracker doesn’t work, you can try other alternative apps

  8. The developers have updated the app and now it supports major apps from App Store
    It’s working on iOS 9.0.2 too

  9. I was searching the working repo source to install iapcracker cydia tweak and found the correct repo from this site! Thanks for that
    Can you update the list of games that’s are supported by this app and whole iAP cracker list that should include games, apps and everything

  10. impossible to make in app purchases with Ipad air on IOS 9.0.2… Locallapstore, IAP Crazy, IAP free etc…none of them works, and some overwrite errors when trying to install somes of them…anyone have an idea for me please ?

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