Download AppCake: Install iPA Apps, Games for iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone

iPhoneCake.COM has released iOS 9.0.2 Compatible AppCake app that allows user to download and install many popular app store apps for iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone…

AppCake is the top rival and alternative for InstallOus iOS 9.0.2. Just like InstallOus, AppCake also has huge database of cracked apps and games for MAC OS and iOS. After iOS 9.0.2 jailbreak release, there a lot of apps and games have been updated for iOS 9.0.2 and MAC OS.

What is it for?

AppCake is one kind of app store for cracked applications. If you were using InstallOus and now searching the best alternative, then AppCake iOS 9.0.2 is the one that offers great cracked apps that InstallOus was offering.


To install and use this jailbreak application, you need to first of all jailbreak your iDevice or MAC OS. Suppose, you have already jailbroken your iPhone, iPad Air or iPad Mini or any other iDevice like iPod Touch, then just install AppSync iOS 9.0.2 with this app.

Once you have jailbroken your iDevice and installed AppSync iOS 9.0.2, proceed to install AppCake iOS 9.0.2 on your iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone or iPod Touch.

How to Install it

AppCake has it’s own Cydia repository. I would recommend you to install it only through official Cydia repository. iPhoneCake.COM is the website that maintains this repository and all of it’s cracked applications for MAC OS and iOS.

1 Connect your iDevice to the WiFi or any internet connectivity and Open Cydia application.

2 You need to add official Cydia repository, so, tap on “Manage”, “Sources”, then tap on Edit from top right corner and tap on Add from top left corner.

3 iPhoneCake.COM is the official Cydia repository for iOS 9.0.2 AppCake. Add

4 Once you have successfully added iPhoneCake.COM repository, return to Cydia and tap on Search. Now type “AppCake” and search. Tap on the app and install it.

Top 10 Best AppCake Apps, Games for iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone and MAC OS

  1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  2. Final Fantasy VI
  3. Infinity Blade III
  4. Documents to Go(R) Premium – Office Suite
  5. Shazam Encore
  6. TomTom Europe
  7. MineCraft – Pocket Edition
  8. Call of Duty: Strike Team
  9. NBA 2K14
  10. iMovie, Cut the Rope 2, Cytus, Oceanhorn

Quick Review

No doubt, AppCake is the best InstallOus alternative and offers cracked applications. But, if you are willing to install paid applications for free without cracking them, then install iAP Cracker iOS 9.0.2, iAPFree or LocaliAPStore to install those apps without cracking them.

Are you still confuse or getting error? Comment them…


  1. need help last night i added a source for app cake but it got deleted and nothing shows but i have the app cake icon how do i remove it thanks

    • Install AppSync iOS 9.0.2, Update Cydia substrate,

      But, if you have jailbroken iPad Air iOS, you will not need to update cydia substrate, just Uninstall AppCake and install AppSync iOS 9.0.2 first and then reinstall AppCake HD version for iPad Mini and iPad Air.

      I hope it will work flawlessly

  2. See but you probably have an iPhone 5S. People with iphone 5s/c have problems because we have an a7 chip.. Most of the things don’t work because of it.

  3. oh yeah i know i actually installed all my tweaks already but i’ll install appcake later just wanted to know if it worked. thanks

  4. Hey does AppCake iOS 9.0.2 work on iPad Mini with normal version or HD one? I have jailbroken iOS iDevice and I’m looking for the solution
    Please help me

  5. AppCake iPad Air compatible version is awesome, but I wanna do something new. How can I download iTunes videos using App Cake iOS 9.0.2?
    I’ve iPad Air and iPad Mini 2

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