iNoCydia iPhone App: How to Download Cydia without Jailbreak Your iOS 9.3

You can easily download iNoCydia to enjoy unlimited Cydia without jailbreak iPhone with iOS 9.3

What would you do after reading above headline? You may instantly download the app iNoCydia to install Cydia on your iPhone because there isn’t iOS 9.3 jailbreak available for your iPhone, is it right?

That would be your biggest mistake, because before installing any stuff on your iPhone and specially the stuff related to jailbreak iOS 9.3 or Cydia, you should understand whole thing clearly. I’m talking about iNoCydia.

iNoCydia is great app for the users who wanna show off Cydia without jailbreak on their iPhone or iPad running the latest firmware which is iOS 9.3. Now, if you’re one of them, you can download the app and show off Cydia to your friends.

The whole thing is not so easy and simple. iNoCydia is good, but it doesn’t mean that you’d get Cydia without jailbreak or Cydia tweaks without jailbreak iOS 9.3. This app is specially developed to enjoy couple of Cydia apps such as some game emulator which can be installed after jailbreak and couple of apps at the time when you don’t have jailbreak or Cydia to install on.

So, what’s iNoCydia?

iNoCydia is a web app that contains couple of stuffs mentioned above, you simply need to access their website to add on your iPhone home page. The app won’t be installed or eat much space of your iPhone disk storage, but it would be added as web application.

Now, when you’d access or open iNoCydia shortcut from your iPhone home screen, the web app would be open and you’d get access to install couple of apps out there listed on the app. The app may be iRec, iTransmission or game emulator such as GBA4iOS, RetroArch or NDS4iOS.

No way, you can add Cydia Sources to iNoCydia or customize your devie with Cydia tweaks at all. So, before downloading or installing the app without iOS 9.3 jailbreak, think twice.

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