iFaith Download for MAC OS & Windows PC to Downgrade iOS 9.0.2 – 9.0.3

Download iFaith v1.5.9 latest version for MAC and Windows PC. Its one of the best tool to downgrade iOS to 6.1.3. Compatible for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini, but not for iOS, 7.0.4…

iFaith is similar to TinyUmbrella that allows user to save SHSH blobs which are very important to downgrade iOS to 6.1.3 or 7.0.4 or 7.0.4, but there are very rare confirmation about iOS and 7.0.4 for successfully downgrade from iOS

iFaith for Windows and MAC that works for iphone, iPad Air, iPad Mini

iFaith supports iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPod Touch up to 4th Generation. iFaith allows user to save SHSH blobs and much more tools related to jailbreaking.

How to Downgrade iOS to 7.0.6

Most Common Queries:

1. I don’t have shsh blob, and what is the function of shsh blob, and how to have it, please anyone i have been doing this all day long, still cannot fix my 3194 error, oh please anyone help me…

Fix: error 3194 occurs while restoring or downgrading firmware. Fix iTunes 3194 error first.

2. Hi, i need help. When I am in ‘SHSH Cache Server’,i was told that ‘the following aptickets are incomplete: 6.1.2(10B146)[Cydia] *this impacts your ability to restore using the listed blobs & *restoring with the listed blobs may put your device in DFU loop. So i ‘browse for SHSH blobs’, it said ‘the provided apticket does not look valid, iFaith refuse to build an IPSW with this aptickt as it may put your device in an inusable state.’ Please help me, thank you.

Fix: Unplug your cables from your PC and restart your computer and repeat whole steps.

Update your iTunes with the latest version and follow above article to downgrade iOS If you have any issues or facing errors, leave a comments…


  1. once you have iFaith made the signed ISPW your Iphone has to be in pwn DFU state (if you fail to get in this mode you simply reopen iReb). Only if you start iTunes in this mode you are able to restore with your ISPW an get no error.

  2. Hello, Please let me know if the procedure defined above still works, and have not been patched by Apple. 2nd is there any way to downgrade iOS if SHSH has not been saved. In my Case I have bought old iphone 4 and they are iOS7, I need to unlock them please guide if possible. Thanks.

  3. Finally, I have downgraded iOS to 7.0.6 back using iFaith MAC version
    its great feeling after return back to iOS

    • Have you got the working solution? I wanna downgrade my iPhone 5S using iFaith, but I don’t know how!!!

  4. I am a noob when it comes to iPhones and jb and downgrading I am used to rooting and custom mods on android I have a iphone 4 with 9.0.3 and would like to downgrade but idk the only backed up is of 9.0.3 please tell me if this is possible for me to do and plz simplify to me

  5. I tried using ifaith and when I tried searching for the shsh blob it displayed “none” when I pressed the tss server option. Any solutions?

  6. if the reason why you want to downgrade from 9.0.3 is to jailbreak your idevice, the release of the untethed “Pangu” jailbreak software will resolve your problems…

  7. I have a ipad 2 it’s 9.0.3 and had no problem with it till a couple of weeks ago, I lost my apple I’d password and have no way of making changes on my ipad, I don’t need to right now but if sth happens I should be able to track it or so. So reset is out of option because it will ask for your password even if you do it from iTunes . Can I downgrade it and somehow restore default my ipad and then come back to normal? Thx

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