How to Restore to iOS 9.0.2 – 9.0.3 from iOS 8.1

Restore iOS from iOS 8, if you don’t like pre released beta version on your iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPhone. Restoring to iOS7.1 would take a few minutes…

How to restore iOS from iOS 9.0.2Beta

At the WWDC, Apple announced iOS 9.0.2release for the users who have develop account with Apple. Now along with developers, many other users also have upgraded their firmware to this latest but beta firmware with the risk of app compatibility.

Suppose, you have also installed iOS 9.0.2and facing application errors such as one most latest WhatsApp issue, you can downgrade and restore 9.0.3 back from iOS 8. To restore iOS, you must have downloaded iOS firmware or backup data that you have took before upgrading to iOS 8.

We know the issues and we don’t recommend to continue buggy iOS 9.0.2beta testing on your iPhone, iPad Air or iPad Mini. Infact, we would love to help you restore iOS back from iOS 8, if you wanna restore 9.0.3 back. We have covered a detailed article on that issue.

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  1. Huhuhuhu i have problem with my iphone i tried everything but it always ended up error 3004 what should i do? Im going crazy

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