LinkStore Allows User to Install App Store Cracked Paid Apps [Jailbreak Tweak]

LinkStore is a new kind of app that allows user to install Cracked iPA File (Apps) directly from app store for free. Link Store iOS 9.0.2 compatible for iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone and iPod Touch…

LinkStore iOS 9.0.2 is completely new kind of iPA Installer. Once it is installed on your jailbroken iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPhone, a button on the app store paid app will be appear, and when you tap on that button that will find the cracked version of that paid iPA file and allows you to install for free instantly without leaving App Store.

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The main thing is, you must have jailbroken iOS 9.0.2 iDevice whether it is iPhone, iPad Air or iPad Mini. Additionally, AppSync iOS 9.0.2 must be installed in order to use LinkStore on your iDevice. App Sync is Cydia plugin that allows user to sync and install cracked iPA files.

How to Install LinkStore iOS 9.0.2

Once you have jailbroken your iOS 9.0.2 iDevice, follow the steps given below one by one carefully…

1 Connect your iPhone to the internet connectivity, Open Cydia application.

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2 Tap on Manage, and then Sources. Now, tap on Edit and then Add. Here you have to add LinkStore repo source that will allow you to install App Sync and Link Store iOS 9.0.2.

3 I would recommend you to install both app sync and link store from the repo source that I’m providing here for compatibility issues.

Add LinkStore repo source:

4 Once you have installed link store repo, return to Cydia and tap on Search. Type “AppSync” and install iOS 9.0.2 version from the given repo. Second, type “LinkStore” and search. Choose iOS 9.0.2 version and tap on Install link.


How to Use LinkStore

You can follow given steps to use LinkStore effectively…

  • Once you have installed LinkStore and app sync iOS 9.0.2, reboot your iDevice.
  • After reboot, when you unlock your iDevice, go to app store and look for famous paid apps of games.
  • Choose any of the paid app that you like. You will see LinkStore link under the app name. Tap on that.
  • A new window will be open, close the advertisements if any and wait for the download link.
  • LinkStore iOS 9.0.2 will search for the cracked version available on the net and give you direct link for that.
  • Download it. Done.

Quick Tip

iOS 9.0.2 LinkStore has many advertisements. AppShape is one of the best LinkStore alternatives. If you don’t like Link Store iOS 9.0.2, you can go with AppShape.


  1. Thanks for this tweak but i don’t know why after i download the app and starting to install its giving me cannot install in my iphone

  2. Most people will disagree with me, but I believe that the developers for their hard work to pay! Precisely because of this little smart games on ios!!!

  3. After installing the game this way appeared application “(null)”, which is not removed by conventional means. How to remove?

  4. And what if you add a repository hackyouriphone cydia gives an error and heritsya dB respectively tweak no then do not deliver. (Try respringnut, then reboot

  5. First Free Cydia tweak I encounter which goes on crashiing lots of other apps?? Tried and uninstalled.. Conflicts with adblocker , Are you serious ? I just removed ads from cydia too and I don’t want ads in appstore even if linkstore is free (actually for free),,,,

    • If you’ve installed linkstore or appshape properly, it won’t give you error. Its possible that any app store apps which is not cracked properly, gives error
      its understandable.

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