How to Install Barrel For Free on iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone

Barrel iOS 9.0.2 is a jailbreak tweak that allows user to change the look and style of springboard icons. It is compatible for iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone and other iDevices…

Barrel is the famous jailbreak tweak that allows user to change the style of swiping across the homescreen pages. It is one of the most popular and most used Cydia app. Barrel iOS 9.0.2 was the app that I had installed first after jailbreak my iPad Air.

Actually, Barrel doesn’t extend the functionality and doesn’t make your iPhone or iPad Mini to use it quicky, but it adds more stylish feature of swiping across the springboard pages.

How to Download and Install

Barrel can be found on BigBoss repository and developed by Aaron Ash. It will add graphical usual effects to the icons during scroll the homescreen pages. The basic price of this jailbreak tweak is $2.99, but you can get it as free, if you install Barrel iOS 9.0.2 from HackYouriPhone repo source.

  • First, Open your Cydia Application
  • Tap on Manage, Sources, Edit and then Add
  • Add
  • Return to Cydia and Search for Barrel iOS 9.0.2
  • Install the tweak from the repo give above for free

Suppose, you don’t wanna use cracked version, you can go for Barrel Alternative app called Cylinder. This is the best alternative to Barrel iOS 9.0.2 jailbreak tweak. Does the same thing as Barrel on your iPad Air, iPhone and iPad Mini.

After installing Barrel, go the the “Settings App” and scroll down the page, find out Barrel settings and Choose 3D Cube or any other effects for your icons. Once you have changed the effects, return to the home page and scroll the pages.

Cylinder iOS 9.0.2 also adds the same effects, but the different is, Barrel has more effects to add comparing to Cylinder, that’s it. I have installed both Cydia tweaks one by one and they have no bugs.

Quick Tip

Both are the must have jailbreak tweaks, but I would recommend to install only one, because both does the same thing. No sense to use both. Barrel is paid while Cylinder is free. If you are using one of them, don’t forget to comment about that.


  1. I wanna install Cylinder iOS 9.0.2, it looks more promising. I have jailbroken iPad Air and iPhone 5S, I would love to download it
    Can you help me to redirect me to the repo source, where to download Cylinder?

  2. we dont do crack apps, and if we do its to test to see whether its worth making a video then we delete, please support all developers

  3. i love Barrel iOS 9.0.2 but it is sadly lacking in content,I have version 2 of barrel and it has a lot more scrolling options the best in my opinion is scroll away,please everyone check the new version of this app as it has a lot more to offer not just the 2 options that this guy has just shown you Respects and regards to everyone!

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