Springtomize Download and Install for free for iPhone 6, iPad Mini, iPad Air

Download Springtomize 3, Its one of the best Cydia tweaks and must have on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to change whole look of your iDevice…

Springtomize 3 is must have Cydia tweak. Once you install this super duper jailbreak tweak, you can customize lock screen, springboard icons, dock bar, various animations, status bar and a lot more. Springtomize is available on BigBoss for $2.99

However, many users downloading Springtomize 3 for free from Hack Your iPhone Repo source. HYI repo has almost all premium Cydia tweaks for free. It is one of the best Cydia source to test paid jailbreak tweaks before purchase. I would recommend to purchase it, if you decide to use it further.

So, we are going to talking about the features of this great Cydia tweak. Springtomize 3 is designed by Filippo Bigarella for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch. Today, we gonna show you every section of the tweak, how it works and how to customize your iOS device. There is two ways to configure Springtomize 3, there is a icon in Settings app and there is an extra alternative icon of the app on your springboard.

Download Springtomize and install it for free

How to Customize Springtomize 3

There are a tons of different aspect to customize. Let us start…

Animation: Springtomize 3 user can customize the speed of animation in your iPhone, iPad Air or iPad Mini. You can slow down the speed or speed up to open all the things like speedy. If you don’t wanna customize animation speed, disable it.

App Slider: User can hide icons from App Switcher, increase or decrease icon size and a lot of options available in App Slider. So, there you go, change app switcher at your own way.

Control Center: There are separators on Control Center of your iPhone or iPad, you can hide those separators. You can hide other options too from your control center.

Dock: Springtomize 3 allows user to add more than four icons to the dock bar. Additionally, this tweak allows users to change the animation look of the dock bar icons.

Folders: Do you ever wanted to create nested folders? Springtomize enables nested folders. You can create as many nested folders as you want.

3 Cydia Repo Source to Get Springtomize For Free

icons: There are a lot of options available in Springtomize for icons. You can hide updates, badges, customize icon image effects and change background image with effects. You can even hide Springtomize icon from springboard.

Lock Screen: Using Springtomize, you can hide lock screen camera, change font size, style of the time and lock screen button effects.

Pages: Do you wanna hide icon’s label? This tweak allows you to hide labels, make them animated and a lot more options to configure.

Status Bar: Do you wanna hide status bar icons or add your own favorite items on your status bar? Springboard brings new ways to your iPhone, iPad Air and iPad Mini to customize your status bar.