Download OpenAppMKT Cydia iOS 9.0.2 – 9.0.3 Apps, Siri Tweaks, Games

OpenAppMKT.COM is famous for Siri Apps, Games and especially for Cydia iOS 9.0.2. It is only a source that offers all of these without jailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Air, Mini…

Do you really know What are these Siri Apps, Games and Cydia tweaks? I’m talking about OpenAppMKT stuffs. As per the their blog and my experience, these are web applications. They might be completely different from actual Cydia apps.

If you have interest, I would say, you won’t need to install them on your iOS device or even you won’t need to jailbreak your iOS device. These OpenAppMKT Cydia tweaks are just a bookmark that can be added in your Safari web browser.

If you had thinking to download and install OpenAppMKT Cydia as an alternative to Cydia installer, then I would like to clear your doubt that its not any kind of installer and Open APP MKT won’t allow you to install any jailbreak app or tweak on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Air, Mini.

What is OpenAppMKT?

So, what does Open App MKT offer? Good question. www.OpenAppMKT.COM offers web based apps, games. I have found that it is famous for Cydia tweaks and Siri related stuff. Those Cydia apps are in HTML format and purely web based applications. These web based apps require internet access to run. Popular Stuff

Open App MKT games are too famous. I personally play couple games which have been installed from their app store. OpenAppMKT app store has a large number of games.

It is popular for Siri related stuff too. There is an Siri app that works similar to original Siri. Its best alternative for iPhone 3G and older iDevices that can’t upgrade to iOS 9.0.2 and can’t use original Siri. Thanks to

Update: Try this…



  1. i tried it and installed it
    But, all the web apps require either WiFi or 3G internet access. It won’t work like Cydia that works even without internet.
    Can we play those games offline?
    Is there anyway to make it offline like Cydia or Siri apps iOS

  2. I have a doubt, as those apps are web based mean HTML right? Then what about security. All openappmkt iOS games and Cydia apps won’t work without internet connectivity. So, what is the guarantee that they won’t steal your data?

  3. It seems like Open app mkt is overloaded and they need more resources. Its getting more and more popularity and the result is, again and again users getting Application error page.
    They need to fix the error page as soon as possible otherwise they will lost the credit
    I’ll donate if they except donations

  4. iOS 9.0.2 games and especially web games are available on openappmkt App Store. I have downloaded a lot of games from there

  5. I’m just fan of the this download site. I would love, if it would work.
    Actually, I don’t wanna jailbreak my iOS 9.0.2 iPad Air. My friend has downloaded couple of games from Openappmkt Cydia stuff for his iPad Mini 2 and he has confirmed that its working.

    Now the story starts, I have tried almost 100 of times and found that they are offline. Everytime, when I try, the page ends on Application Error. However, the blog is active and working fine. But, they are not replying.

    I’m really crazying about web apps and games. Actually, I’m a big fan of games. I would love, if i would able to play angry birds games of a web version.

    Can I still download Cydia games and apps from open app mkt website?
    let me update please…

  6. Hey their blog is working just fine
    why i’m getting application error
    how to download iFile and Siri apps from open app mkt iPad Air ios 7 .0.5 games

    • You should look for openappmkt alternativies
      jailbreak iPad air and get wonderful jailbreak games for free for your iOS

  7. I wanna openappmkt download link for iPad Air iOS 9.0.2 ( 7.0.6 )
    its latest iOS without jailbreak. I would never jailbreak, I just need Cydia without jailbreak
    please help me asap

  8. OpenAppMKT Cydia download is dead
    Why you wanna download it
    Its time to look for alternatives dammit
    If you have any alternative, give me the list of alternatives for iPad Air and iPhone compatible version

    • Everybody know that open app mkt iOS is dead now
      it gives application error, however, I have hope that it’ll come back soon

    • Just do jailbreak iOS and install iOS Cydia installer, get all the iOS 9.0.2 Cydia apps 2014 edition and enjoy
      By the way, do you have iPad Air, iPad Mini Retina or iPhone 5?

      • Dear jacob, you have said about “Jailbreak iOS 9.0.2”, “iOS 9.0.2 Cydia Installer”, “iOS 9.0.2 Cydia Apps 2014 Edition”
        Can you explain the procedure or the sources that you got this future news?
        Simply, its not possible at least yet
        Evasi0n iOS 9.0.2 jailbreak is not released yet and it looks like its not possible to release them yet open app market

  9. Ya it does work but I can’t get ifile which it is used for games files and if I got ifile, I would mess with clash of clans files in ifile and I would get 99999 gems for free using ifile

    I heard that we can get OpenAppMKT iFile iOS
    If its true, please help me to download open app mkt iOS 9.0.2 on my iPhone 5S
    I need iFile for clash of clans, candy crush and Hay day game hacks

  10. I would prefer to look for iOS 9.0.2jailbreak rather than waiting for open app MKT to work again on iPhone 5s, iPad air and iPad mini. Even it won’t work on iPod touch

  11. Is it true that we can download Openappmkt Cydia without jailbreak and all those tweaks, apps and games out there from jailbreak store?
    I’m just new here and wanna know something about jailbreak tweaks without jailbreak my iOS

  12. I am wanting to know this to i could get to openappmkt iOS 9.0.2 pro but all it had was very few things like flappy bird, juno21 and a weather chart no oamkt ifile no oamkt cydia nothing that i would find useful open app market

  13. I’m curious that is it possible to download openappmkt games, my friend had iPhone 4S with a lot of open app mkt games a while ago
    I wanna meet him to get all those games, but he is not in my state now

  14. Openappmkt is wonderful web apps provider, I love them, but the apps are not working.
    Before iOS release, It was working like a charm, How can it happen so suddenly? How to make it working again?
    I’ve iPhone 5S iOS 9.0.2open app market and I wanna open app mkt cydia apps

  15. I love those games and openappmkt apps, please someone tell me the date when it come back again with the rocking apps and games with Cydia tweaks iOS

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    • Openappmkt would work on any operating system whether it is iOS 9.0.2 or iOS 9.0.2. Its web based application and doesn’t require jailbroken firmware

  18. If you’re looking OpenAppMkt alternative, you should look for TaiG jailbreak or PanGu jailbreak, as they’re best alternative to install Cydia

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