Cydia Installer iOS 9.0.2 – 9.0.3: Install All the Jailbreak Apps on iPhone, iPad

Cydia installer will let you install all the jailbreak apps, tweaks and games out there on app store. iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone users can easily download and enjoy free and paid themes too…

Recently, Apple has released iOS 9.0.2 with couple of great improvements and features. More and more users are willing to upgrade their iOS 9.0.2 iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone to iOS 9.0.2. But, before you proceed, I would like to update you that there isn’t any iOS 9.0.2 jailbreak yet.

How to Jailbreak iPhone iOS 9.0.2

Suppose, you’re on iOS 9.0.2, you can use TaiG which is the best Cydia installer for iOS 9.0.2. On average, 50% iDevice owners jailbreak iOS 9.0.2 whether they have iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPhone. TaiG would install Cydia on your iPhone or iPad.

There isn’t anyway to download Cydia installer and install it without jailbreak. If you download OpenAppMKT Cydia installer, then I would add here that it has stopped working and has been down since long time now. Additionally, there isn’t any alternative to Cydia installer.

The best thing is, Download TaiG and jailbreak your iPhone, iPad Air or iPad Mini, it will install Cydia after jailbreaking your iDevice. If you get any issue, during this, you can comment us. We would love to fix them.


  1. Please help, I’ve done openappmarket and the cydia won’t work it keeps getting advertisements blocking my entire screen, I’ve suffered months trying to get cydia on my iPod g5 please help

    • I would not suggest you to use Openappmkt to install cydia. Its like fake and won’t work. Rather than, use evasion to jailbreak your iDevice. Evasi0n is the best Cydia installer that will easily install Cydia app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that let you install jailbreak tweaks
      Download installer Cydia iOS 8

      • I tried jailbreaking with Evasi0n 7 , after the app is installed on the ipad, the main window disappears, when i click the app, it comes on but nothing happens, can you help ?

    • I’m getting this application error when I try and open it. On the scene of the video at 1:31. Does anyone know why this is happening.
      It says says about an application owner?

  2. After the app is off my computer i click on evasion and i get a screen that looks like the music screen but nothing on it, its all white. the evasion logo does not show up like it does on yours and i can not get cydia on my phone. help please?
    iOS 9.0.2Installer Cydia

    • that is a glitch with all web apps, it happens whenever it is opened & closed too many times too fast. & I came up with a solution to the problem. All you have to do is before you open up any other web apps, go into your settings & make sure that you have guided access enabled. Then, once you get stuck on a web app like you did, all you have to do is: triple click home button, click guided access, then circle any part of the screen, then click start. Then your done, your iDevice will reboot
      Download iOS 9.0.2Cydia installer

      • same thing happened to me, hold the power and home buttons at the same time until your device either turns off or reboots. if it only turns off, leave it for like a minute and then hold the power and home buttons again until the device turns back on. it worked for me.
        iOS 9.0.2Cydia installer

  3. I think you need to back up your device and then restore it. And Then when you do the jailbreak and it doesn’t work, i think you would need to restore again and then jailbreak again.
    Download Cydia iOS 9.0.2Installer

  4. I don’t know man it said it was a error cannot open page but look ok I had cydia and have my iPad jailbroken and everything I needed and when I turn my iPad off it got deleted please can you help me man I beg you

  5. I tried using evasion to jailbreak my iPad 4….tried 15 times and same result every time. Even tried using a different computer. Install stops at part 10…I see message”modifying root” then nothing happens. I can restore my iPad but The problem is..if u restore ur device, then iTunes will automatically update to 7.1 and jailbreak doesn’t work on 7.1 yet….any other suggestions

  6. How to download Cydia on iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini for iOS 9.0.2
    I’ve iPhone 4 and iPad Air, but only iPhone 4 is jailbroken
    I wanna download Cydia and looking for an additional Cydia installer for iPad Air that runs on iOS and that’s too jailbroken
    Actually, I was testing something and accidentally, I have removed Cydia from my jailbroken iPhone and iPad Air
    Now, looking installer to install all those apps and tweaks once again
    please help

    • Its Evasi0n and its not available for iOS 9.0.2 or older iOS 8 devices, if you’ve iOS 7, you can try their tool otherwise look for TaiG or PanGu to download Cydia installer iOS 9.0.2

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