Download 25PP English Version iOS 9.0.2 – 9.0.3 For iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini

25pp English version is available on Cydia repo source that has been translated from Chines. It can be download and installed to iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone and iPod Touch…

The daily updated 25PP app is the best alternative to InstallOus and AppCake. There are a lot of apps, games and tweaks available for download. But, the bad part is, most of the apps are in Chinese language.

Fortunately, there is an Cydia tweak called as Auto AppTranslate that can translate any language to English. Suppose, you have installed 25PP english version and some part is still in Chinese, download and install “Auto AppTranslate” to your iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone or whatever iDevice you are using.

25PP requires AppSync iOS 9.0.2 Cydia plugin to work smoothly. With this plugin your app won’t work even it won’t open. Fortunately, App Sync is available for free. Additionally, these all the tweaks and apps can be installed only on jailbroken iDevice. Without jailbreak, you won’t install 25PP iOS 9.0.2, App Sync or Auto AppTranslate.

How to Install 25PP iOS 9.0.2

Make sure your iDevice is jailbroken. It can be installed on iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone, iPod Touch and even Windows and MAC OS. But, iDevice version needs AppSync. Additionally, install Auto AppTranslate from BigBoss repo source.

1. Open Cydia and add below repo source.

2. Add

3. Return to Cydia and Search “25PP“, tap on install and reboot.

Once you have installed App Sync, Auto AppTranslate and 25PP English version, you’re ready to go.

4. Enable real-time translation from Auto AppTranslate and Open 25PP app.

Download whatever you want.

Quick Tip

There are other alternatives to 25PP Chinese version. Couple of them are amazing in app database. vShare, AppCake, AppAddict and Kuaiyong iOS 9.0.2 are the best in those alternative app store.


  1. I’ve downloaded it and install but it said I need a username and password but I don’t have a computer so I can fix it what else can I do to fix this problem

  2. Bro, how do you fix the iPad version without a PC, I read the Video fix description but I no ideas what’s this circular button your talking about.

  3. Need help when I download a game an I try to open it it always close by itself and I try to update a app it always ask for a user name an pass will someone please help me ? Please and thank you

  4. hi …. how can i transfer the downloaded apps from my iphone to laptop …..
    i downloaded a game on my i phone …and now i want to get it to my laptop so i can transfer it to my other devices??

  5. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to transfer the apps/games to iTunes, as it would require a software called “Appsync” which can only be obtained through a jailbreak

    • Try 25PP alternatives
      Kuaiyong, Hipstore are the best alternatives, 25PP English version is not working properly. HipStore and Kuaiyong iOS 9.0.2 work like a charm
      They are compatible for iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone and iPod Touch iOS, 7.0.6, partially on iOS 9.0.2 too

    • There is three ways, you can download 25PP English or Chinese app, I’m afraid that you won’t find english app anywhere except here.
      You can use latest jailbreak TaiG to install 25PP app store or just move to their official website to install it.

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