DoubleDock Download: Add Another Row on Dock Bar and Add More Apps

DoubleDock iOS 9.0.2 jailbreak tweak has been released today that allows user to add another row under dock bar that allows user to add more apps for iPhone, iPod Touch…

I always wonder why there isn’t another row to add more apps on Dock bar. It has completely done what I wanted to have on my iPhone. Double Dock is available on jailbreak app store for just $0.99.

iOS 9.0.2 DoubleDock adds one more row to dock bar and allows user to add 6 more app icons to quickly access them. iPhone, iPod Touch user can enjoy this jailbreak app, however, iPad Air, iPad Mini user can’t install it right now. But, the new version is coming soon that supports iPad Air, iPad Mini too.

Right now, DoubleDock works on iPhone 5S, 5C, 4S, 4C and all the iDevices that work on iOS 9.0.2 except iPad series. It has been created by Evan Lucas and hosted under BigBoss repository. All jailbreak users who have jailbreak their iOS device can install this new tweak.

I have seen many users including all my friends, who wanna add fifth app icon to the dock bar. Suppose, you are also one of them, then DoubleDock is for you. It adds fifth app icon to the dock bar, so now, you have total of 10 app icons right on your Dock screen. What a great look that is!

I must admit one thing that you will lose almost half of your regular iPhone springboard screen this way. Double Dock adds 10 apps to your dock that covers almost half of your screen, so, user can choose only four up and four down mean 8 apps on the dock. DoubleDock is fully configurable, just put hands on it.

Additionally, this tweak doesn’t work with Five Icon dock and InfiniDock. Actually, you will not feel the need of InfiniDock and Five Icon Dock tweak, because Double dock does all the things that you wanted to get from InfiniDock and Five Icon Dock.

Quick Note

A low price rate and essential features are the main reason to use DoubleDock on your iPhone and iPad. But, don’t buy it, if you have iPad, because the iPad version is under development. Wait and watch. Once it comes, you can use it on iPad Air, iPad Mini and all former iPad Devices.

As I admitted, the large part of screen would be cover by DoubleDock and that is the main disadvantage for this tweak. So simply, if you have a lot of apps on your iOS device and you wanna choose best ten to put on your home screen, then DoubleDock can really be helpful to you.


  1. I love this tweak and thanks for the author for this
    the reason is, I have almost 35 apps installed on my iPhone and its too tough to find out the app that i wanna open. I had to swipe the screen again and again.
    Double Dock makes it simple. Just install it and you have all your favorite apps on your springboard using Dock
    That’s it

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