15 Best Jailbreak Apps for iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone

Here we have picked up 15 best jailbreak apps for iOS 9.0.2. All Cydia tweaks are compatible for iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone 5S, 5C, iPod Touch…

After a long wait, Evasi0n 8 has been pushed out by Evad3rs team. All the app developers are updating their tweaks based on Cydia substrate release. If you have recently jailbroken your iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPhone, then its too hard to find out working applications that are compatible for iOS 9.0.2 jailbroken iPad or iPhone.

So to make it easy for you, I have picked up 15 Best out best Cydia tweaks compatible for iOS 9.0.2 that can be installed on iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPhone as well as iPod Touch.

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1 Activator: This is one of the best iOS 9.0.2 jailbreak app. The large number of Cydia users including me, jailbreak to use Activator. It allows to create custom toggles and features based on toggles. If you correctly configure Activator iOS 9.0.2, you will get a lot of useful tweaks functions in one app.

I would highly recommend to try Cydia app for once.

2 Barrel: Do you like changes, new design, fresh navigation? Barrel is for you. Its the tweak to add animation to the home page scrolling. You can use different usual graphic at once using randomize effects on home page scrolls.

No doubt, Barrel iOS 9.0.2 is one of the best and must have jailbreak app. Its paid jailbreak tweak, but if you can get it at free using above link.

3 Cylinder: It is the best free alternative for Barrel. Cylinder does the same thing that Barrel does. But, it has less effects comparing to Barrel. But, because Cylinder is free and has all the features closely similar to Barrel iOS 9.0.2, I would recommend it too.

4 ExKey 2: It adds one more row to the keyboard. Normally, iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPhone have four rows. Exkey 2 iOS 9.0.2 jailbreak tweak adds an additional row to it. Believe me, if you often write something on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, then this is the best must have Cydia tweak.

5 Springtomize 3: Its a essential jailbreak tweak, if you are theme lover or wanna customize your iOS 9.0.2 UI. I have tested it on iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone 5S, it works great on each of these iDevices and especially, I love iPad Air version. We can customize status bar look, icons and hide couple of useless items out there. Just like Status bar, there is a customization settings for Dock, HomeScreen Icons, LockScreen and a lot of other settings. Completely worth each of your penny. However, if you wanna get it free, check out bellow video for the info or read the hands on story from the dedicated article on Springtomize iOS 9.0.2.

6 TouchPal Keyboard: I would say, if you often use keyboard or use your iPhone, iPad Air or iPad Mini to update your blog, FaceBook or Twitter, then you would need keyboard tweak for easy typing. TouchPal iOS 9.0.2 is a great jailbreak tweak ever. You can download and install TouchPal English version from Cydia app store for free and it would completely change your keyboard layout.

TouchPal has three layout. First is default that has fast track typing with nine essential buttons while second layout allows you to add words on TouchPal dictionary and third is swipey like keyboard. You can swipe to write anything using that.

8 AppTrackr iOS 9.0.2: Did you ever use InstallOus? AppTrackr iOS 9.0.2 is the best alternative to Install0us. I would say its better than Install0us. It allows user to install iOS 9.0.2 cracked apps on iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone.

8 LinkStore iOS 9.0.2: This is one of the most essential jailbreak iOS 9.0.2 tweaks. You don’t need to go out side to each website to install paid iOS 9.0.2 tweaks for free. LinkStore allows user to install paid app directly from AppStore without leaving it. That’s great Cydia app indeed.

Other Top 8 Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 9.0.2

  1. iAPCracker iOS 9.0.2: It allows user to hack in-app purchases for free. User can activate higher level of paid games and apps etc.
  2. iAPFree: Its the best alternative for iAP Cracker.
  3. AppShape: Suppose, you don’t wanna use LinkStore iOS 9.0.2, AppShape has the same ability without much ads.
  4. WinterBoard iOS 9.0.2: Do you love iOS 9.0.2 Themes? Use Dreamboard iOS 9.0.2 or Winterboard.
  5. CCControls iOS 9.0.2: Its great app to add or remove some items from Control center. I would say, its must have jailbreak Cydia app for iOS 9.0.2.
  6. PKGBackup: Do you wanna take a backup? PKGBackup allows user to save SHSH blobs and much more, just check it out.
  7. MyWi 8: Its WiFi jailbreak tweak that allows WiFi tweaks. Its paid app but user can get it free from some Cydia repos.

Quick Tip

These are the must have jailbreak tweaks. You can use some alternatives for some Cydia apps that you don’t wanna use. Use them as per your needs.