IntelliID, Signal Booster, Unlockr, BioLockDown, iProtect, CCSettings

BioLockDown, Signal Booster, Unlockr,¬†IntelliID and iProtect are a few of the best apps that were came out today. iOS 9.0.2 jailbreak users can install these tweaks on their iPad Mini 2, Air, iPhone and iPod Touch…

So, here are some great applications for your iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone. Some of these tweaks are paid and others are free, but one thing is sure that all of these tweaks are useful for any user whether he is power or expert or not.

Finally, iOS 9.0.2 jailbreak released and updated for iPhone 5S/5C, iPad Mini 2 Retina Display support. Everyday, new applications are being released for iPhone 5S TouchID and IntelliID is one of them, but in different flavor. BioLockDown also comes in the same category. Take a deeper look…

IntelliID: Do you ever wonder who is pissing you by calling again and again by the same number? IntelliID expose them instantly by showing you their name instead of Caller ID. It fetches the name from USA/Canada and perhaps UK too and displays on the screen with the name.

However, I would recommend this IntelliID only to those who really wanna track the incoming callers for some reasons. Tracking means, you will able to see or store the name of the caller instead of Caller ID. The bad part of IntelliID is, its too costly. It charges user around $9.99 for 250 look ups. One can buy it from ModMyi repo source.

Unlockr: I personally have been using Unlockr for iPhone 4S and BioLockDown¬†for 5S. I used Unlockr for 4S and do not using on iPhone 5S, because it doesn’t support TouchID yet. It works perfectly on iPhone 4S, 5S and all the iDevices, but won’t work on TouchID. You have to disable TouchID before installing this tweak. Unlockr replaces Slide to Unlock button and allows you to tap on screen to unlock it.

Signal Booster: This jailbreak is must for you, if you often face low calling quality. Signal Booster refreshes regular cellular signal and gives you the best quality signals. It improves the quality of WiFi too. User gets the best voice quality during calls and better download time during downloading any files over 3G or 4G. It cost you $0.99 and it can be installed BigBoss repository.

BioLockDown: It is developed and created by Ryan Petrich. BioLockDown will cost you $1.99 that is hosted by BigBoss repository. Ryan Petrich has created Activator, a famous jailbreak tweak.

BioLockDown uses Touch ID sensor technology and offers lock and unlocking using fingerprints. A best tweak that offers great features.

iProtect: It is one of the best jailbreak app that lock iOS 9.0.2 applications either with Touch ID, Password or Sim Controls. However, you have to pay some dollars in order to use it. You can purchase iProtect from BigBoss repository for $8.99. It is created by Daniel.

CCSettings: It is especially developed and updated for jailbreak iOS 9.0.2 iDevices. CCSettings simply adds more toggles for Control Center. Its completely free tweak.

Quick Review

I would recommend to read full notes and package details, before making any payment or purchase.

If you have any further questions or query, comment them.