How to Install/Use iAPFree for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

iAPFree iOS 9.0.2 Games and apps still work on iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone. The best tweaks have been listed here that work on all iDevices perfectly…

iAPFree is a great Cydia app for all jailbreakers and especially for gamers. There are thousands upon thousands games and applications in the app store and most of the best games and apps are paid. iAP Free does crack in-app purchases and allows you to install those paid apps and games for free.

iAPFree iOS 9.0.2 supports thousands of games and applications such as clash of clans, angry bird and many more like this. You can activate further levels of paid games and additional features of paid apps. Suppose, iAP Free doesn’t work or doesn’t support it, you can always free to try iAP Cracker or LocaliAPStore as alternative to iAP Free.

1 How to install it: Your iDevice must be jailbroken with Cydia installed. Before installing iAP Free, you must install AppSync iOS 9.0.2 first. App Sync is a Cydia plugin. Without this plugin, iAP Free won’t work anyway. Secondly, you have to add iAPFree repo source to download it.

  • Launch Cydia app
  • Tap on Manage
  • Tap on Sources. Now, tap on Edit and then Add.
  • Add this repo source:
  • Once this repo installed, return to Cydia and Search “iAPFree” or “iAPFree iOS 9.0.2
  • Tap on install and confirm the installation
  • Done

One more thing, there are a few core plugins and hacks that have been necessary to install for some games and apps. These iAP Free hacks can be find from the same repo source, just search and type “iAP Free core plugin” or the type name of the game or app to find out the hack for that particular game or app.

2 How does it work: When jailbreak user installs iAP Free with core plugins and hacks, user can install most of the app and games for free whether it is paid. What exactly it does is, it does crack the in-app purchases and redirect you to installation page, so that, you can install that particular game or app for free.

Quick Note

iAPFree is one of the most active and working in-app purchase cracker. It supports wide range of games and applications. I have published this article on request of our loyal readers. These are the basic information, comment to get the detailed steps, if required.

iAP Cracker, LocaliAPStore are the best alternative for this app and SiNfuL iPhone repo is the best repo source to install this app. If you are getting error or wanna get full compatibility list, comment here.