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The evergreen 8 best Winterboard themes for iOS 9.0.2 iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPhone and iPod Touch. Completely new collection 2015…

So finally, Saurik has pushed an update of Winterboard iOS 9.0.2 to install awesome themes on iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone iDevices. Now there are numerous themes on Cydia app store, but most of the themes don’t working on new iDevices. So, its hard to pick up working themes that are best.

We have tried our best and picked up top 8 best Winterboard Themes for iPhone, iPad Mini and iPad Air…

1 0bscure7: The best ever iOS 9.0.2 Winterboard theme. Completely compatible for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone. The new icons and wallpapers have been added to the 0bscure 7 iOS 9.0.2 theme. Its available on ModMyi repo source for $0.99, but you can get it at free from HackYourApple Repo or BYA repo source.

Best iOS 9.0.2 Themes

It maximizes battery life of your iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPhone whatever iDevice you have. Just add the repo that I have added above and search for 0bscure 7, tap on install and reboot your iDevice. Once you have reboot, go to Winterboard iOS 9.0.2 and choose the theme. Then open Settings app and change the wallpaper with the wallpaper that’s built in with the theme. Respring and that’s it.

2 Aura: Awesome icons and static wallpapers make it so beautiful. No doubt, Aura is one of the best Winterboard themes for iOS 9.0.2 iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPhone and iPod Touch. Aura is also paid Cydia theme which is available on ModMyi Repo source that costs $1.99

Top Winterboard Themes

But, again you can get it at free from BYA Repo source for free. The most popular theme and its free now.

3 Flat7: Its most simple yet gorgeous iOS 9.0.2 theme. User can hide icon labels and many things are highly customizable. Flat7 is completely free, so, you don’t need to trick to install this iOS theme for free.

Best iPad Air Themes - Flat 7

Its compatible for iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch. After installation, go to Winterboard iOS 9.0.2 and don’t forget to change the theme and of course wallpapers.

4 Soft Remix for iOS 9.0.2: Just like Flat7 iOS 9.0.2 theme, Soft Remix is also one of the best themes for iOS 9.0.2 iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPhone that can be installed using Winterboard iOS 9.0.2.

The difference is, Soft Remix iOS 9.0.2 has icon labels, that’s it.

Other Popular Winterboard Themes

There are many other top themes for iPad and iPhone which can be used with Winterboard iOS 9.0.2…

  1. Ayeris iOS 9.0.2
  2. Eclipse iOS 9.0.2
  3. Ayecon iOS 9.0.2
  4. Solstice iOS 9.0.2

Quick Tip

The above paid iOS 9.0.2 themes can be install at free of cost by adding couple of free repo sources that add cracked version at their repository, but many users are using those themes and reporting that they work as normal without an issue.

If you are also using such theme, let us know via comments…


  1. You will need to install iFile in order to install Zanilla iOS 9.0.2 theme into your iPad or iPhone manually.

    That’s a tricky process and can broke your iDevice, if you failed to install properly. I will never suggest anyone to install any iPad or iPhone theme manually. It creates many issues after installing.

    One more thing, if you wanna test it, you can use HYI Repo or BYA repo source to get it free

    • Zanilla iOS 9.0.2 is the best Winterboard theme for iPad Air and iPhone as well as iPad Mini, Can I get it free?

      • You can search HYI or BYA repo source to get it free
        There are many awesome and popular themes are available free of cost on those repositories
        Those are best theme repositories.

  2. Can you attach screenshot of your best iOS 9.0.2 themes?
    Does it work on iPad Air or iPad Mini
    I wanna best iPad Air themes and as well as best iPad Mini themes too

  3. Hey, I wanna install night mode theme without installing winter board. Actually, I hate winter board. there isn’t any best Winterboard themes on jailbreak store
    hows about iOS 9.0.2Winterboard theme for iPad Mini, iPhone 4?

  4. Is there a way to see your themes as a group? I am searching around the web I like a couple of the themes you posted. Thx

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  6. I’m in great trouble. I’ve iPad Mini 2 and i wanna replace it. I’ve installed many cool themes from Winterboard and now I don’t know how to take a backup of those awesome themes. If you’re expert of Winterboard themes, then please help me to take a backup of those themes. I can pay you.

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