The Best OpenAppMKT App Store Alternative [Without Jailbreak]

Without jailbreak, none of the app store alternative works like Openappmkt. It offers HTML apps, games and Cydia installer for iOS 9.0.2 iPad Mini, Air, iPhone and iPod Touch…

Apple app store contains thousands upon thousands applications, games and various products. Most of them are free while other are paid. User can use their credit cards to purchase them. To use these apps and games, you don’t need jailbreak.

OpenAppMKT and Cydia app store are the best alternatives for Apple app store. Cydia requires jailbreaking and if we jailbreak, we lose our warranty and support from Apple. While OpenAppMKT app store offers apps and games that work without jailbreaking. Actually, these apps and games are based on HTML and can be used via web browser.

The concept of HTML app is awesome. It requires a tiny amount of space and doesn’t create any core files in your iOS system. No doubt, OpenAppMKT is the best alternative comparing to other alternatives such as Cydia and it is compatible for every iDevice, whether it is iPhone or iPad Air or iPad Mini.

This App Store Alternative Offers

Open App MKT offers many things on their website for iPhone, iPad Mini, Air and iPod Touch. You don’t need jailbreak, you don’t need to downgrade or upgrade your operating system to any particular iOS. It works on all iDevices and all iOS.

OpenAppMKT Apps: They offer wide range of HTML apps that can be access via safari web browser after installation. I haven’t been tested Open app mkt apps yet, but got nice review from the co-bloggers.

Games: This is the aria which has been tested by me. I have tested couple of games developed by Open app mkt and they are awesome.

OpenAppMKT Cydia: I have seen couple of Cydia installer that can be installed without jailbreak. As, I have jailbreak iDevice and already have Cydia, I haven’t tested their installer ever. But, I have seen Cydia apps, Cydia Tweaks and Siri related apps on their website from popular developers.

Quick Review

If you were looking for the best alternative to Apple app store, then I would say, the best alternative is Cydia. It offers full advantage of iOS. You can use various tweaks and apps to extend the functionality.

OpenAppMKT could be the best alternative, if you just wanna play games.

Update: Since couple days, Open app mkt website doesn’t work properly and gives “Application Error”. You might face the same error while accessing their applications and games too.


  1. When I run it sometimes it crashes and the times it works I click on continue to app and there is directs me to freemyapps help

  2. I can’t find the right damn app stupid fuckin cydia theres millions of them and I can’t find the right one getting irritated and impatient -.- please help!! D:

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