Top 3 Best iPad Docking Stations for iPad Air, iPad Mini 2014

Best iPad Docking Station for iPad Mini and iPad Air are here. We have picked up some incredible docks at cheap rate that’s compatible for iPhone 5S, 5C, 4S and iPod Touch too…

iPad Air and iPad Mini Docking Station were a great improvement to many who complained about the lack of access to the old style iPad. The new version absolutely makes it possible to use the docking station as a non-touch type system, if that’s what you want.

But you’re actually crying at the fact that Apple has a iPad that does include the ability to be used with docking station also. So, what does the iPhone have in that regard? Nothing. NADA. If you want a touch screen with Apple with a cool docking station, you stuck with an iPad Mini or iPad Air. Not necessarily a bad thing, but if you don’t understand the difference between a iPhone vs the iPad, then I guess you won’t understand the ability of adjustment between iPhone and iPad Air or iPad Mini docking station. Well, at least Apple was kind enough to release docking station to the iPad universe. Not too popular though, I guess? thousands downloads in a little over a month. Nah, nobody uses Apple docking station, right?

Furthermore, the market in iPad Air and iPad Mini will show you what that option will cost you. If you look at most docking station manufacturers, they have offerings that include the same spec hardware with the only difference being whether or not you want a adjustment with security. If you do, the choice will always cost you more. So I guess the market has spoken in that regard.

In addition to that, your glorious iPad Mini with retina weighs in at almost half the weight of the iPad Air. Isn’t weight always a major concern as far as we are talking about docking station? Or maybe not when your model is twice the weight?

The pricing for the iPad Mini is slightly less than the iPad Air. Period. No it doesn’t include a keyboard. And, the iPad doesn’t include a docking station, does it? And the helping about keyboards and working while traveling using docking station etc., is simply ridiculous. The aftermarket is crammed with quality keyboards and iPad cases with built in stands that make working with the iPad a non-issue. And to give Apple credit, they have in the space of a little over a year gone from a built in iPad stands with only one angle of adjustability to the current one with multiple angles.

The bottom line with trolls though, is always negative input based on zero facts. Like you telling us about the test drive you took with a ?? How long did that test drive take? Did the Apple shop let you take it home for awhile? You’re obviously ill-informed, so facts won’t ever stand in your way, will they?

The recent reviews of the iPad Mini Retina and iPad Air were almost entirely positive. I expect the iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2 will be the same. The trolls will continue to be, well, just like you. As far as the best docking station, I would recommend iPad Mini retina to use docking station with.

Today, the generation needs lightning docking station compatible for iPad Air and iPad Mini. I would personally recommend Apple docking station for iPad Mini and iPad Air. Below are the top 3 best iPad docking stations.

  1. Apple iPad Dock
  2. BrookStone iPad Docking Station
  3. Apple iPad Keyboard Dock