5 New Cydia Tweaks: Appro, SmartTap, Apex, Guest Mode and AirBlue Sharing

Today, we are covering 5 new Cydia apps and jailbreak apps for iPhone, iPad Air and iPad Mini that include SmartTap, Appro, GuestMode, AirBlue Sharing and Apex…

Jailbreak brings new features to your iDevice. These new features change your iPhone, iPad’s user interface, the way of use and help you in your daily use. I’m gonna covering 5 new Cydia tweaks today. These new jailbreak apps include AirBlue Sharing to share any file document, music or video to any iDevice or Smartphone.

Such as AirBlue Sharing, SmartTap, Appro, Apex and Guest Mode are also wonderful tweaks that might change your thinking to use jailbreak. These jailbreak apps brings new features and extend the functionality to your regular iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPod Touch. New functionality would make your iDevice so special that no one would have.

Apex: This new jailbreak app allows user to choose up to 4 apps that would be pop up in a group when you tap on such folder. It simply group apps in beautiful way. When you tap on a folder or app, up to 4 apps will be pop up with that to choose.

SmartTap: Many users don’t like to press home button to start your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. SmartTap is a new Cydia tweak that allows user to set some gestures to turn on screen by tapping or swipe top to bottom or bottom to top.

Appro: It is one of the best new jailbreak app and must have, if you wanna hide, rename or lock any or all apps from your iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPhone. Appro is available on Cydia store that allows user to lock, hide or rename any app or all apps at easiest way.

Guest Mode: I have seen many iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch users concern to give their iDevice with important data to other user or relatives. Actually, its okay, because its your data and its depend on you that you wanna share or not. Guest Mode is new jailbreak tweak that allows user to choose apps, tweaks and functionality to share with your guest user. Its paid app and you would have to purchase it from BigBoss repo source.

Do you wanna download these new tweaks free of cost? Try to search these apps on HackYouriPhone repo source, this repo has cracked version of these new tweaks at free of cost. You can use those free apps with caution.