Install AirBlue Sharing And Send Any File from iPhone to Any Device on iOS 9.0.2

Install AirBlue Sharing And Send Any File from iPhone to Any Device on iOS 9.0.2

The developer, Eric Day, has developed a most awaited and one of the most used Cydia tweak which is known as AirBlue Sharing iOS 9.0.2. In normal case, an Apple device doesn’t allow to send or transfer files to any device.

You can’t send files, song, video or any text from iPhone to Mac or Windows and even Android device. Mostly, we’ve iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and with that we’ve any Android device, now how to transfer those files from one device to another?

AirBlue Sharing Cydia tweak is specially build to solve this issue. If you’ve jailbroken your iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPod Touch, you can install AirBlueSharing iPhone tweak to send file or any app from one Apple device to any device whether Mac, Windows or Android.

You just need to open Cydia store app and search for AirBlue Sharing iOS 9.0.2 app. Most probably, the developer updates the tweak for each and every jailbroken firmware.

Using AirBlue Sharing, you can send files from iPhone to…

  1. Any Android Device whether it is Samsung Galaxy S, HTC or any other
  2. You can send or receive files from iPhone to Windows device whether it is Windows Computer or Windows Phone.
  3. AirBlue Sharing sends files at ultra fast speed which is not possible with any other Cydia tweak.

BigBoss repo source is available on Cydia store. This repo has stored the latest version of AirBlue sharing Cydia tweak on discounted rate.

So get ready to transfer your contacts, photos or videos using Bluetooth or WiFi on ultra high speed. Are you ready?