Cydia Tweaks: Barrel, Console, AdBlocker, SPTouch and Auto AppTranslate for iPhone, iPad Air, Mini 2

Today was the mixed up with old and new releases. Auto AppTranslate, AdBlocker, Console, SPTouch and Barrel were came out on jailbreak app store for iOS 9.0.2 iPhone, iPad Air, Mini…

Barrel, AdBlocker, SPTouch and Auto AppTranslate are the some apps that change the use of your jailbroken iOS device. I personally have been using these tweaks in my iPhone. I found that these tweaks are too useful and handy in use.

Barrel is the perfect app that gives incredible look, whereas AdBlocker, SPTouch and Auto AppTranslate are the system apps that improves our experience in different app.

The fact is, these are the must have jailbreak tweaks all the way. I don’t recommend to install all of them. You can install them based on your needs. If you often use Safari or Chrome to surf the net, you will need AdBlocker, while if you often install the tweaks that are in different language rather than English, then Auto AppTranslate is the wonderful app for you.

Barrel: It allows user to use visual effects for icons. User can change visual effects for your icons style. Its a paid tweak that has been hosted by BigBoss repo source. Barrel can can be applied without installing Winterboard or Dreamboard. Barrel is the perfect tweak to change the look of your iDevice whether you have iPhone, iPad Mini, Air or iPod Touch.

AdBlocker: It is must have app for them who don’t like to see advertisements. AdBlocker removes all the advertisements from Safari, Google Chrome and all other applications. Its free and hosted by BigBoss repo source. But, if you don’t find it on BigBoss repo, then search on Google for the AdBlocker tweak.

SPTouch: It adds Home button to the springboard. A virtual home button will be appear at every apps, tweaks or browser. Just tap on that virtual button and use all the features of app switcher, home button and lock the device easily using SPTouch.

Console: It allows user to add temperature, date and analog clock. Additionally, user can add weather to the lock screen. Its free jailbreak tweak.

Auto AppTranslate: I always recommend Kuaiyong and 25PP as InstallOus alternatives. But, the issue is, they are in Chinese language. Auto App Translator automatically translates whole tweak in real time and allows those apps in English version. A must have tweak for the users who uses Chinese apps or the apps that have been in other languages rather than English.

Quick Note

Some tweaks might consume heavy battery power, so, install them after enough reading their FAQ. If you are facing any error or using one of the above tweak or similar to these, comment please.