Top 10 Best Cydia Apps for iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad Mini 3

We have Added the top 10 Best Cydia apps in the list of iOS 9.0.2 compatible iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini that can seriously extend the functionality and improve overall performance of your iDevice…

iOS 9.0.2 is the most beautiful operating system released by Apple. After jailbreak, the functionality and look can be extended to the higher level. As many users have claimed having better battery performance after jailbreak their iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch.

Actually, it depends on person to person, you can say device to device. One iPad runs 5 days after full recharge and one iPad runs only one day. It depends on many things such as settings, Cydia tweaks, apps that have been installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. If you wisely use all these things, you can extend batter and performance both at the same time.

We have prepared a list of best Cydia apps that can seriously extend the power of your iDevice whether you have iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPod Touch. Just make a settings as I mentioned below and install the jailbreak tweaks added here.

Make Changes in Your Settings…

  1. Decrease brightness of your iDevice to the minimum level.
  2. Turn of WiFi, Bluetooth and other apps when you don’t use it.
  3. Charge your iDevice only after full discharge, and charge full battery then.
  4. Don’t use your iDevice during battery charging.
  5. Turn of WiFi after use.

Best Jailbreak Apps for iOS 9.0.2

After making above settings adjustments, you can install the best Cydia apps that can seriously extend the functionality and overall look of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Activator iOS 9.0.2: The Best for quick actions such as multitasking, closing apps, many other features.
Barrel iOS 9.0.2: Top Cydia app to customize home screen pages scrolling effects.
Cylinder iOS 9.0.2: Free alternative to Barrel
Cydelete iOS 9.0.2: If you don’t like any Cydia app, just use Cydelete to remove it.
Double Dock iOS 9.0.2: Do you wanna add one more row to the dock bar, use Double Dock to add it.
Springtomize iOS 9.0.2: One of the best jailbreak apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for overall customization.
AdBlocker iOS 9.0.2: Remove annoying ads from Safari, Google Chrome and other apps except Cydia.
MyWi iOS 9.0.2: The best WiFi Cydia app.
Auxo iOS 9.0.2: It doesn’t need any description. One of the top jailbreak tweak.
PKGBackup iOS 9.0.2: As jailbreak user, you need to back up your SHSH blobs and other Cydia apps for later use. PKGBackup is the best for that.

I would love to listen your responses via comments about these must have Cydia tweaks…